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Photo Observation

2) Eduardo Seastress

3) Happy

4) Happy is vibrancy and excitement.  The way the light shines through the umbrellas and illuminates them is dazzling and almost overwhelming in it’s intense colors.  All the energy conveyed through the bright colors alongside the mesmerizing pattern of circles is incredibly joyful.  The umbrellas shine like dazzling suns from different universes.

Light Observation

3/2/2017  12:30 AM my dorm room

Red light from the symbol of my roommate’s Mac, bright white light flashing from next to my bed from below basking the immediate area in light.  General darkness.

Red light glaring straight at me from across the room.  Flashes of white light illuminating the ceiling every minute.  The incessant attack on my ability to sleep at a normal time irritated me to the core.  Though the red glaring light is a constant most nights, it felt particularly offensive when the group chat was giving my phone a seizure.

Photo Observation

Frog by Irawan Subingar, found online


This unique perspective of a frog is easy to recognize.  The strange hands and feet of a frog make interesting shadows.The bright green makes the frog’s shadow stand out and differs from a lot of shadow photography that deal with dark colors for contrast.  This frog would have been completely hidden without the light and when looking at this photo, I can’t help but think that the photographer must have had to lie down and change their perspective to take this photo.

Lighting Observation

2/22/17   6:30 PM  Shapiro Family Hall; Hofstra University

Sparks coming off of machinery as someone worked (the sparks were not a danger, they were expected to appear).  Thick sparks flying out in all directions within in the area of a large beach ball.

Small fireworks went off in a never ending succession.  The hot teardrops fled from one another to dissipate into nothing.  The fierce energy exploding as tension within the machinery ground out the fireflies like bees swarming out of their nest as it’s being destroyed.  Then, they are gone.

Photo Observation Mysterious

2.) This photo was taken by Jovana: 285835806

3.) Mysterious

4.) A purple lit path through a mountain where people can raft on the salt waters surrounded by the earth.  Where one would expect a sky there is the ground, the ground above looks as if the moon were bearing down just above the earth over everyone’s’ heads.  The bizarre feeling of another world is created by the purple lights casting unique shadows and light in the tunnel.

Lighting Observation 3

2/15/2017 8:00 PM Outside the Netherlands

It was dark out and the lamps outside the Netherlands cast light on the ground in strips, rather than fully coloring the ground.  Underneath each light, there were strips of dark and light surrounding the pole of the light.

Though it was night, there were several suns painted on the floor along with my walk home.  Their rays lit the walkway and the path was transformed from the dreary cold night to my own personal suns.  Torn between suns and yellow daisies the image of the night became rather cheerful regardless of the black sky.

Photo Observation 3

Photo by NinoBeg via Wikimedia Commons


The nightlife is alien.  A separate world from the one that I exist in which there are no rules and the mere energy of the room is intoxicating.  This photo conveys that wild feeling I associate with nightlife and the overwhelming use of green transports me from my world into an entirely different place.

Photo Observation 2

Photo was taken by me, Jessica Perman


The Unispan at night can be an emotionless and foreboding path.  The harsh glares of the ceiling lights with the glares against the wall, dipping in and out.  It reminds me of a horror game, where the hallways seem endless and it’s practically abandoned.  The dark figure at the end draped in the harsh lighting adds to the foreboding mood of the photo.

Light Observation 2

Thursday, February 9 around 5:30 PM; outside the Hague House

Sun was setting, low enough so that I couldn’t see the sun, but the sky was still rather pink, with hardly any variation, rather dim.

In the harsh cold, the sunset was a bleak disappointment.  Rather than offering any sense of warmth or comfort in the freezing air, it was plain and the pink of the sky looked as if someone had pulled a thin white sheet across the sky to dim the colors.  The pale image was no help in facing the cold.



3. Sunset/Sunrise

4. The positioning of the bird’s nest frames the sun to enhance the sunrise. The colors of the sky caused by the sun combined with the birds making their nest remind me of spring and give the impression of warmth.  The way the plant below and next to the nest appear to be blowing in the wind.  The overall sense of the photo is warmth near the coast.