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Lighting Observation #3

  1. February 15, 2018 – 4:42pm – Hofstra University Estabrook Hall
  2. I was staring out of my window. The whole day has been cloudy and dark. There weren’t any clouds, but a deep fog had covered the sky. I had went back to doing my homework, when all of a sudden, the sunshine finally showed up. It lit up the intramural fields, the coliseum, and the buildings in the distance.
  3. This was an exciting moment. With just the snap of a finger, the sun had enough strength to break through the clouds and cast its light on top of the earth. The team training on the intramural fields were now given strength to fight through their workout, and everything felt hopeful again. The light from the sun beamed off of the coliseum creating hints of gold for all of its surroundings to see. The day had now become so much more joyful.

Photo Observation #3

Title: “Miami Nightlife”

Photo Credits: BBC’s “A Guide to Miami Nightlife”

Location: Miami, Florida

Theme: Nightlife

There are amazing lighting qualities incorporated into this picture. The sunset above Ocean Drive is a mixture of different shades of blue and purple, and the hotels and restaurants all have their names lit up in neon blue and orange lights. The speed of the cars traveling on the street next to these restaurants is fast enough to make the cars turn into a blur and their headlights to create almost a horizontal line of a yellow/white light. Like New York City, Miami is a place where even in the nighttime, the city streets themselves look as if it’s daytime, but when you look at the sky, it’s dark. This picture shows how the buildings here have an old fashion architecture (early 1900s), but their lighting has helped to keep this city as one of the most popular places in the United States due to a series of modern lighting designs.


Lighting Observation #2

  1. February 8, 2018 – 9:30pm- Hofstra University sidewalk between the Playhouse and Calkins
  2. I am walking on the sidewalk in between Calkins Hall and the Adam’s Playhouse. It is completely dark outside. There is silence and not a person to be found. About every 30 feet there is another light post. As you travel closer to the post, the light intensifies, and as I continue walking, the lighting dims. My shadow grew and shrunk as I kept walking.
  3. I was so interested in the growth and shrinkage of my shadow based on the distance of the lighting posts. As I walked closer, the shadow began to shrink until the point where the light was on top of me and I was standing on my shadow. As I moved away, the shadow grew and then disappeared. The mood of my surroundings was chilling. The silence and darkness gave the feeling of darkness and the shadow added to it. Although no one was around, I would feel the presence of my shadow emerging out of nowhere and following me until all of a sudden, it was gone again.

Photo Observation #2


Title: “Fashion Photography”

Photo Credits: Solve Sundsbo

Location: Pinterest

Theme: Shadows

The lighting is unique because it incorporates a fashion photo shoot with shadowing. Usually, fashion photo shoots try and eliminate the darkness, and even add more lighting so that all of the model’s lines can be seen. However, in this photo shoot, it looks as if the model is looking out of a window and the shadow from the blinds are being projected onto her face. The model’s body position looks as if she is longing for something outside, maybe freedom, while the blinds’ shadows almost look as if they are prison bars and she is a prisoner. What’s interesting is that the shadow from the blinds help to give this photo a more black and white effect, which also makes her yellow lipstick stand out even more.

Lighting Observation #1

  1. January 31, 2018 – 5:43pm – Hofstra University’s Intramural Field
  2. I am standing in the parking lot looking at Hofstra’s Intramural Fields. It is completely dark outside. The streetlight in front of me is tilted sideways casting light upon the bottom of a tree to its right. Only the bottom right branches are lit up orange. The lighting highlights all of the tiny details of the main branch, and everything else around it is in darkness.
  3. The lighting gives off a dark mood. The tiny, skinny branches that are highlighted by the light look as if they are a mysterious creature’s claws emerging from the dark. Nothing can be seen in the distance, and there is a sense of hopelessness. The orange light itself, creates a feeling of comfort, yet the light it gives off gives the viewer a sense of fear.

Photo Observation #1

Title: “Venetian Sunrise”

Photo Credits: Jordan Farr

Location: Venice, Italy  January 12, 2018

Theme: Sunrise

The view of a sunrise as the photographer is riding away from the angelic colors on a boat through the canals of Venice. The sunrise begins as a light orange and becomes a deep pink fading into a soft purple. The sky is reflected onto the water of the canal leaving a dark shading onto the houses on both sides of the water. This picture leaves me with a sense of relaxation. Looking at the beauty of Venice before the actual city, itself, is even lit up, preludes to just how magical this place really is. Although boats are already passing each other by, the water only seems slightly disturbed leaving just enough rippling to look as if a rock glided across its surface.