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Leaping Towards Happy Colors

Source: No Camels Israeli Innovation News, March 20, 2015 (

Theme: Happy

Description: In this photo, there are 9 black silhouettes, 7 of them children, 1 dog, and 1 cat. They are set against a backdrop that shows an azure sky and a golden sun setting. The clouds soak up the light, turning into colors from lavender gold to crimson. Below is a body of water, reflecting the image above and forming a horizon.

To me, the reason why the people and pets are black silhouettes is to insinuate that this is a happy and joyful place. This also is the end of a terrific day for the kids and animals. To me, this is an image that displays what colors make me happy.

Light Observation #4

  1. 7:30 AM, February 19th, 2013 Netherlands Hague 314 A
  2. A single light source from the sun is shining through my window blinds which are partially closed.
  3. I woke up to the warm, bright light shining through my window. Long radiant rays of gold light shone through each blind straight like that of meticulous lines on the page of a notebook. There was no class that day. I enjoyed not being awoken by the harsh screams of my alarm clock but rather, the gentle kiss from the sun’s rays as they slowly seeped through my window like syrup that gently encompasses a warm, risen pancake. The warmth from the welcoming light gently woke me and it was not harsh nor rushed; It was sweet and beautiful. The light filled the room like the energy that fervently started to run through my veins preparing me for the remainder of the day. The amber orange and yellow light truly shined exuberantly and set a joyful mood for the rest of the impending day.

Photo Observation #11 – Christmas Web of Lies!

Theme: Unreal

Description: I love Christmas so much. The cookies, the gifts, the love. It is all so wonderful. When I was younger however, there was one Christmas that I will remember as the “Christmas of LIES”. It was the worst Christmas ever. It was the Christmas of 2003. My parents had been fighting the entire month and I just wanted Christmas to come quickly. I asked my dad everyday when we could put the lights up and he would always put it towards another day. I loved hanging lights, because the lights brought joy and wonder to the house. (Also we had better lights than my arch nemesis, Kevin, across the street and I would always make sure he knew!) It was finally Christmas Eve and everyone had their lights u except for us! I was so upset. All I wanted was Christmas joy. That apparently was too much for me however. This picture reminds me of what my house should have looked like back then. It should have been of web of light that could be seen from outer-space, yet gentle enough to be close to. All the colors are working in harmony to compliment each other and bring out the best that each color has to offer. The green is especially my favorite, because it brings the most Christmas joy, true scientific fact. I love how you can even see the detail of rain on the brick walkway. It is illuminating from the wondrous Christmas lights. It is perfect. This is what my Christmas should have been. Since it never happened, this is truly unreal. How depressing, I know.

Light Observation 1 Devin Gee

1)   4/23/11- between 4 to 6 pm- Church during a wedding in Stockton

2)   The lighting coming through the stain glass windows in the church.

3)   This lighting moment was a happy one.  The bright and colorful lighting that came through the stain glass windows of the church created a happy feeling.  Along with the fact that two people were getting married and the atmosphere was already in good spirits, the lighting complimented the feeling of joy and delight.  The light was very colorful and bright; the different colored glass acted like gels and created the whole rainbow of colors.  The brightness was also important in that it made everything feel open and airy.  The association of light through a stain glass window with a wedding and happiness is now in my head and it seems almost fantastical to me like it is a kind of lighting and feeling you would see in a movie or in dreams.  Now whenever I see light shining through a stain glass window I will automatically feel joy.