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Lighting observation

Date: 04/12/2017

Time: early evening

Location: Emily Lowe Quad

Objective description: The sun was starting to set and purples and blues were starting to colour the sky above the Playhouse.

Subjective Description: The horizon was streaked with colours. Purples and blues snaked their way through the soothing orange of the setting sun, seeping their coldness through the evening air. Once brightly lit buildings were beginning to be shrouded in shadow, but our haven on the green was still awash with golden light, fighting off the cold night for a few moments longer.

Lighting Observation

Date: 27th of March, Complete works Dress rehearsal, back stage.

Objective Description: Single light behind the globe set in the centre.

Subjective description: Amongst the madness of the back stage rush, with shadows flitting this way and that, never standing still, there was a beam of light left in peace. No shadows crossed it, no panic reached it. It was an island of clam amongst the chaos, a constant sign of serenity to steady the nerves and focus the mind.

Photo Observation

From: Halloween 2016, own photo

Theme: Spooky

Description: The eerie glow is just enough to show the figure blocking the path, bringing them out of the shadow but not separating them from the darkness. The shadows shield its eyes, masking the madness that i know is lurking there.

Photo Observation #7

From: Pintrest

Theme: Single light source

Description: The shadow of a predator looms in the door way, its size almost filling the hole and blocking out all light and possible escapes. The looming shadow strikes fear into those in the room, as they know that this kitten is very hungry and it was well past dinner time.

lighting observation #5

Date: 03/02/17, my dorm room windows, 5:00pm

Objective description: Sunset rays coming through my semi-closed blinds in the window in my dorm, reflecting of the blinds shiny surface.

Subjective description: As the sun retired for another night, the burnt orange rays pushed through the slits in my blinds. The force of the light coming through caused the blinds to glow orange and red as if burning from extreme heat, a radiator of the burning sun.

Photo observation #5


Theme: Shadow

Description: Overlapping shadows cross and crash, colours clashing across the white surface, creating a road map of confusion. The overlaying shadows maintain a 3D effect rather than flattening out the image.

Lighting Observation #3

16th of February, 10:00pm , Enterprise 13th floor lounge.

Objective description: the dim lights from the night outside dimly cast across the walls through large windows.

Subjective description: Imposing black shadows stretch across the walls of the room, crating a cell around me, trapping me in the dimly lit room. The only light in my shadowy cell is faint and tinged with red, giving no comfort to cling to in my haunting cage.

Photo Observation #3

Taken by me, December 30th 2016, a night club in London…

Theme: Night life

Laser beams shoot out across the room, cutting through the darkness and stirring the excitement into the air. Vibrant colours reel through the beam creating hypnotic patterns as mist swirls though the beam, giving the light life as if its dancing with the crowd below.

Lighting Observation #2

Thursday 9th of February, 6:00pm, inter-mural fields.

Bright white stadium lights only casting lights across one side of a snow covered field, creating a shadow from a snowman.

Pure white light shoots from the stadium lighting, causing the snow to glow against the darkness of the night. The sea of white is only interrupted by a stretched and distorted shadow of a snowman, as if trying to escape the light but tethered to its spot.

Photo Observation #2

Photo taken from Pintrest. Theme: Cold

The harsh streetlamps loom overhead, illuminating the the never-ending stretch of empty road. The uniform blue lights reaching off into the distance emphasizes the hollow and lonely world created within the photo, evoking a sense of unease.