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Lighting Observation 3

2/15/2017 8:00 PM Outside the Netherlands

It was dark out and the lamps outside the Netherlands cast light on the ground in strips, rather than fully coloring the ground.  Underneath each light, there were strips of dark and light surrounding the pole of the light.

Though it was night, there were several suns painted on the floor along with my walk home.  Their rays lit the walkway and the path was transformed from the dreary cold night to my own personal suns.  Torn between suns and yellow daisies the image of the night became rather cheerful regardless of the black sky.

Light Observation

Date: 4/28/16  Time: 11:00  Location: Campus

Objective Description: As I was walking home from rehearsal for “Company”, i couldn’t help but notice the lighting of the campus as I slowly walked to my room.

Subjective Description: When I got out of rehearsal, I immediately realized how nice the weather was. Then i couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the campus looked lit by the tall lamps. Especially the path right off of Spiegel between the trees. It felt like a nice nature walk. The lamps created mini pools of light as you walked down the path which made it a safer environment.

Lighting Ob #4

  1. 2/16/2016, 12:37 am, Academic Side of Campus Quad
  2. Objective: Campus lamps lighting the south side of campus through the fog
  3. Subjective: The fog was not too thick so you could still see the lights, but they appeared to be covered by the thin layer of fog. It created an eery feel on the campus but also an intriguing one. Even though it appeared as a place you would want to leave you also wanted to stay and witness the beauty that came with it.

Lighting Observation 2

1) DATE: February 4th TIME: 10:00 LOCATION: Walking from Lowe to my Dorm

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Walking home the mixture of the lamps on the walkways and the rain created beautiful images.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: When walking home from rehearsal, There was rain falling and the glimmer of the rain and the water made these amazing images that made me realize how lucky i am to live on this beautiful campus. This calmed me down and made me think back to a great rehearsal i had. The mixture of the rain and water would make little blurs in my vision which made some reflections look like balls of light.

Light Observation

Time: Tuesday night, 11:50 pm

Objective Description: As I looked out my window at night, everything appeared to be black and yellow, except one room in a building across the parking lot.

Subjective Description: I was getting ready to go to bed, and had turned off the lights in my room but hadn’t yet closed the shades. In the dark, I was able to easily observe what was going outside my window. Spots of yellow lights were visible from the lamps lighting the pathways and the few cars driving by. Several of the rooms in the other towers were dark, but some still had their shades open to reveal squares of more of the same yellow light. I could easily see the landscape below, but instead of the usual colors, everything appeared to be somewhere between artificial yellow and complete darkness.

There was one exception to the monotone scene below and it caught my eye immediately. Across the parking lot, in the Bill of Rights building, someone else’s room was glowing with some kind of novelty light that cycled through the rainbow. This one tiny square of light was captivating against the plain yellow and black backdrop.

Light Observation 2 Devin Gee

1)   3/29/11- 9:00 pm- The stoop of the Emily Lowe building.

2)   The two old fashioned looking lights that light up the entrance of Lowe.

3)   I noticed that almost every light on Lowe is a yellowish light except for the two lights that light up the entrance.  These two lights look like old-fashioned gas lamps and it really makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time.  The light is white which is unusual but in contrast with the yellow it is interesting to look at.  They put out a very ominous kind of light and while walking into Lowe it almost feels like a flashback or that you’re going back in time.  I never really noticed them before but now every time I enter Lowe I think of old times when they had those kinds of lights outside of a lot of the buildings and they would come around and individually light them every night.  These lights send me back in time, every time I look at them now.