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Light Observation #3

1.) My Room Wednesday Night 2/14/18 @ 8pm.

2.) A Lava Lamp on in my dark room. The lava Lamp has a cool temperature, it is a light blue. The small Lava lamp is siting on top of my white bureau shelving in the corner of my room. My curtains are down blocking all of the Uniondale streetlights. The light turns the corner of my room a bright light blue. The beams reaches out to about 3/4 of my room and fades out before it can reach the forth wall. My walls are a light green color and when mixed with the blue light it made a very light blue-green, more blue than green. The blue light also reflected off my TV screen and gave some extra light to my bed.

3.) This light gives me an interstellar feeling. I feel like I am in a space ship that is far out in deep space. The only light source that can be seen is the blue light source running the life tanks.

Light Observation

  1. 11:30pm Monday night in the lounge of my suite.
  2. The light from my green and blue lava lamp that also doubles as a speaker was still on. I was staring at it from my bed because I had forgotten to turn it off and shut the door to my room.
  3. As the green globs of goo floated around in the electric blue liquid of my lava lamp, it brought me back to a better time in my life. As a kid I had one just like it and they always brought me solace and peace. they had calming therapeutic powers to me. It brought back happy memories of my listening to blink-182 CDs in my room with my lava lamp on. As the nostalgia built up i walked over to the lamp, smiled, and turned it off.

Lava Lamp Light Observation

Location: My Room

Time: 4/17/15, 1 AM

I turn my lava lamp on before I go to bed some nights. I don’t usually like when the room is pitch black when I sleep but I don’t want regular lamps on either because they’re too bright. The blue and green light within the lava lamp are perfectly dim and create a cool ambiance that relaxes me. Normally I only use it after a hard day when I need to relax. I put on soft acoustic music to complete the atmosphere. All that’s really illuminated is a small circle of space around the lamp. The rest of the room catches the slightest bit of a blue glow. It’s perfect for falling asleep.

Photo Observation #8

Lava Lamp Night Light

Courtesy of (


This is a picture of an actual night-light available online. Not only is the image itself funny, but the light itself has a funny kind of parodic feel to it. It seems like a mockery of the kind of epic lighting effects you’d see in sci-fi, with the pinkish rays splayed across the wall (just imagine the “Also sprach Zarathustra” theme from 2001). It goes beyond showing the product in action, and tries to fit the sense of humor of the type of person who would invest in it. I have a  joking, jovial kind of feeling seeing real lighting this silly. It makes me think that a lava lamp would make an awesome practical lighting effect onstage. I may buy one of these.