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Light observation

  1. Thursday, March 9, 7:00 am, in my bed.
  2. A beam of blue light reflected on my grey blanket.
  3. I was sleeping and my alarm went off to wake up. I turn around and I see a beam of this really cool dark turquoise light on my blanket really close to my face. I stared in amazement and then I looked up and my big water bottle that is the same color was sitting on the ac. The sunlight was coming through the blinds of the window and it passed through my water bottle hitting my blanket. I thought it was so astonishing, probably because I had just woken up and I see this pretty shining color out of no where. What had amazed me was how my blanket is dark and how the color shined so bright and the blue wasn’t a bright color. It was a shiny, deep, beautiful light.

Light Observation

Date: 4/28/16  Time: 11:00  Location: Campus

Objective Description: As I was walking home from rehearsal for “Company”, i couldn’t help but notice the lighting of the campus as I slowly walked to my room.

Subjective Description: When I got out of rehearsal, I immediately realized how nice the weather was. Then i couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the campus looked lit by the tall lamps. Especially the path right off of Spiegel between the trees. It felt like a nice nature walk. The lamps created mini pools of light as you walked down the path which made it a safer environment.

Light Observation

Date: 4/20 Time:8:00 Location: California Avenue

Objective: the lights that light up Monroe and the statue really makes that side of the street less scary to walk on.

Subjective: as i was walking to monroe with my friend to practice songs for an upcoming show, i couldnt help  but notice the lights that were lighting up the statue and also the actual building. it makes that side of the street more inviting since it is so scary at night

Lighting Observation

Time: 11:13 am

Date: 4/18/16

Location: Subway ACE-L’Train

Objective Description: The dim-lit trains running underground give off a bleak glow as the flicker with the movement of the train. Sparks can be seen jolting off the side of the walls in the darkest of areas.

Subjective Description: The screech of the tracks brings a discomforting feeling as the dim and yellowed fluorescents flicker with unabiding inconsistency. The darkness of the tunnels is only amplified with the dimness of the train. Fellow passengers zombies in their own world, avoid eye contact, making the underground an even colder place. Against black walls of concrete,  blue and yellow would streak across the window. Sparks off the tracks creating what seemed like the only presence of warmth within a dark and foreign containment.


VLL stage

The lights used in this stage picture:

Cyc top: G995 (35%), G970 (17%), G740 (42%), BLUE (50%)

Cyc bottom: AP6300 (9%), AP1800 (90%), G395FULL

Stage: AP2220FULL, 54 degree elevation angle, direct back light; NC (47%), 42 degree elevation angle, 48 degree side angle; AP2200FULL, 32 degree elevation angle, 56 degree back angle, SL; AP2190FULL, 0 degree elevation angle, both SR/SL; AP1800FULL, -19 degree elevation angle, 56 degree back angle, both SR/SL; AP7250 (37%), -19 degree elevation angle, 56 degree side angle, both SR/SL.

This lighting depicts the moment because the bright orange-yellows setting towards the bottom of the photo, leave an ombré effect that fades into a lighter hue of blues and purples and then into a darker blue towards the top of the sky. The shadow and intensity of the reds and oranges against the sides of the model, along with the slight silhouette created, give even more of an effect that the sun gives while setting.


Cyc top: AP3520 (69%), AP3600 (29%), AP2140 (42%), RED 0%.

Cyc bottom: AP2110 (32%), G335FULL, AP8840 (29%), BLUE 0%.

Stage: NC (25%), 54 degree elevation angle, direct back light; YELLOW (25%), 37 degree elevation angle, 56 degree side angle, SL; YELLOW (9%), 37 degree elevation angle, 56 degree side angle, SR; AP3800 (30%), 23 degree elevation angle, 56 degree side angle, SL; AP3800 (16%), 23 degree elevation angle. 56 degree side angle, SR; AP2220FULL, -19 degree elevation angle, 56 degree side angle, SL; AP2020 (82%), -19 degree elevation angle, 56 degree side angle, SR.

Sunrises tend to bring in lighter and cooler tones that seem more gentle and create shadows with a less harsh effect and a brighter glow. This is a depiction of a sunrise because the orange of the sun rising blends into a very light purple and an even lighter blue that becomes the daylight sky The shadows on the model are also coming from higher angles as opposed to lower angles.

VLL hawaii1

Cyc top: NC (85%), AP2000 (31%), BLUE 0%, AP2190FULL.

Cyc bottom: NC 0%, AP5400 (0%), AP3520FULL, AP2080 (39%).

Stage: NC FULL, 54 degree elevation angle, direct back light, center; AP6150 (73%), 42 degree elevation angle, 48 degree side angle, SL; AP6150 (30%), 42 degree elevation angle, 48 degree side angle, SR; AP6150 (56%), 51 degree elevation angle SL; AP6150 (51%), 51 degree elevation angle, SR; G680 (15%), 27 degree elevation angle, SL; G680 (47%), 27 degree elevation angle, SR.

This image portrays a hot day at noon in Hawaii. The sun is just about to reach its peak height creating a yellow-blue tinge at the top of the screen/cyc due to the sun’s position, and a clear blue sunny day closer towards the middle and bottom of the cyc.

VLL Maine1

Cyc top: G109 (95%), RED 0%, GRN 0%, BLUE (8%).

Cyc bottom: YELLOW 76%, RED 0%, GRN (0%), BLUE (69%).

Stage: NC FULL, 54 degree elevation angle, direct back light, center; AP6300 (42%), 42 degree elevation angle, 48 degree side angle, SL; AP4630 (66%), 42 degree elevation angle, 48 degree side angle, SR; AP2000FULL, 61 degree elevation angle, SL; AP2030FULL, 61 degree elevation angle, SR; AP2140FULL, 54 degree elevation angle, direct back light, center.

This is a portrayal of a winter afternoon in Maine as the days end earlier in the winter, and the sun is starting its descend. It isn’t quite a sunset yet, but the sky begins to glow a warm, pinkish hue, and a soft yellow can be seen towards where the sun is beginning to set. The shadows cast a blueish/yellow silhouette and, in this photo, are cast mostly by back light.

Lighting Observation: 4/15

Date: 4/10/16

Time: 2:30 pm

Location: The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York; The Sackler Wing

Objective Description: The natural light from the sun streamed through the clear-glass panel windows, illuminating the entire room.

Subjective Description: Rays of sunlight glisten across a pool of blue water. Ripples run through the serene edge with reflections waverting…colonies of coins and wishes lost. Artifacts of an ancient Egyptian life, living once more. The radiating heat from the sun’s convection beats against the yellow-colored bricks beckoning an ancient burial tomb. A real-life recreation of what it may have looked like in its prime place of origin. The room felt warm just by looking at it. History is alive.

Photo Observation #10: Dance Inc. Ad


I got this photo from Jaclyn Marie Photography’s blog. (

The theme is Advertisement Model/Desire.

The lighting is mysterious and makes the picture interesting . The figure is lit to emphasis her fabulous arched back position that is elegant like a bird. The light encourages the viewer to appreciate the dancer’s form with its bright and intense limited use of light. The light calls attention to this dancer like they are the star in the night sky. The lighting only shows certain body parts of the dancer; it is selective in its focus. This select focus makes the star image even greater. “Don’t you want to be a star” the lighting and photo call out to the spectator. Thus, the desire in this advertisement is establish through its lighting of a model.

Dance Inc Mock Up


Light Observation

Time: Late afternoon, last Wednesday (this happened over spring break when I was home)

Objective Description: Afternoon sunlight shone on Big Tupper and the other surrounding mountains, creating patches of light and shadow on the rolling landscape.

Subjective Description: The sight of light and shadow on mountains is one of my favorite lighting moments in the world, ever. It seems like such an insignificant thing, but personally, I don’t think anything else could top it. It’s a sight that I’ve admired outside of my bedroom window for as long as I can remember.

I could see Big Tupper, the local skiing mountain, as well as several of the other nearby Adirondack mountains, from my bedroom window. It was late afternoon and the day was still bright despite the drab March landscape of dead, leafless trees. The sun shone brightly, casting dark shadows on some of the area. The shadows contrasted immensely with the parts of the mountain that were lit up by the bright sun. You could see every contour of the mountain. It almost gave the impression of movement, despite the fact that these mountains are some of the oldest and have been in one place for billions of years. The dark parts made the mountains seem huge and mysterious – you’ll never see every part of it clearly, because by the time the sun illuminated the shadowy spots, another part of the mountain had gone dark.

The light and shadow accented the mountains’ natural beauty. The sight was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Every time I see it, I am reminded that I am blessed to call such a beautiful place my home. I don’t miss the snow and cold weather and driving 40 minutes to get to a Starbucks, but I do really miss the way sunlight shines on the mountains in the afternoon.

Photo Observation #9: Gentle Sunlight and Gentle Shadows on a Shelf


I took this photo.

The theme is gentle.

This photo’s light falls into this theme since the lighting is not harsh and glaring. It does not hide the details of the photo’s subjects with huge splotches of light but rather has a gentle light that is fairly even in its beam-spread. The lighting is soft with a dim feeling or low intensity. This lighting is gentle just like how a soft whisper might be seen as gentle in terms of sound. It catches the details and illuminates them with a surrounding glow. The lighting is friendly with its distribution of being about the subjects. It is like a gentle hug one might give at a funeral. Even the shadows are faint and soft in this gentle light.
Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 1.15.48 PM

Ghost Light – Tia

spotlightScreen Shot 2016-03-11 at 12.35.59 AM

Photo Cred:

Theme: Artificial light, single source

Description: This is just a plain spotlight shining down on this individual from above. The spotlight appears to be coming from only one source and gives a feel of importance to the actor onstage because all of the attention is on him.