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Lighting Observation #7

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: May 7th, 5pm, Lowe’s raceway

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: At the movies, its a blackout right after a climactic point in the movie, and theres a cellphone lighting up two rows in front of me.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: There’s just been a major fight, the villain defeated, i’m ready for the next scene, but a light catches my eye. No, not a light on the big screen, a small screen two rows ahead is blinding me. Distracting, rude, obnoxious. I just want to watch this movie, but now its dark and all I see is the blinding light from the tiny phone.

Light Observation

  1. Thursday, April 13th, 8:12pm; NAB Black Box Theatre
  2. Looking up to see all of the work lights above the grid on.
  3. While sitting at rehearsal for the Dance Concert, I happened to look up and notice the Black Box in way that I never had before: all of the work lights were on, and it created a jungle-like effect.  Jungle-like in the way that vines hang in the jungle; the beam spreads of all of the different scoops and cans and florescents crossed and intertwined with each other – it looked messy, but it was messy in a pleasing and satisfying way.  It made me realize that there is art in not only the actual lighting of a space, but there is also art simply within the instruments as well, if you look close enough.

Light Observation #10

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: April 12th, 9:20pm, Dorm room

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The tv is paused on a blue screen and the lights are off.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The only light in the room is the blue from the screen and street lights peeking through the blinds. There’s an eerie feel about the room. I’m afraid to leave the bed for fear of monsters underneath it. The lights from outside awash the room in shadows. It is time to continue the show and forget what lurks outside. Laughter is the best cure to fight the darkness.

6 Trees Without Anyone

  1. Location: In front of Lowe Hall, April 11, 2017 at 12:30.
  2. Objective: In front of the hall there are six rows of trees within a square grass lawn. Shadows are shifting towards Hauser Hall like spikes piercing through the grass. There is no people or animal on there during this cold, sunny day.
  3. Subjective: This image is isolating since this usual social place has no one in there. This reminds about how, despite it being sunny, the cold weather can force us all inside. It makes me think that, despite what want to do, the weather still has some control over our choices.

Lighting Observation

  1. Walking home past Gallon Wing 11:00 p.m.
  2. A flickering light in front of Gallon Wing
  3. I was walking home and it was pitch black, except for the lamp lights, and then i turned in front of the Gallon Wing academic hall and there was this very spooky flickering light on a lamp that created these really creepy shadows and i felt like i was in a horror movie.

Lighting Observation

  1. 4/9/17, 7:00 pm, Estabrook Hall
  2. Objective: The blinds on the left window of my room was completely shut, but the blinds on the right window were slightly opened. This allowed small streaks of light to come into the room. The room was fairly dark since the sun was setting.
  3.  Subjective: After a long day of non stop homework, I had the chance to lay down for a few minutes before doing some spring cleaning. Turning on the overhead lights would ruin the peaceful moment, so I opted for the natural light the sun provided. There was not much sunlight left since the sun was setting. There was however small streaks of light peaking through the partially cracked blinds. My attention immediately went to the newly formed lines on my wall created by the light. The stress I had previously felt slowly melted away and a desperately needed wave of relaxation emerged.

4-Corner Path Statue

  1. Location: March 6, 2017 at 11:15 near Spiegel Theater
  2. Objective: In the center of a crossroad is a twisted, melted onyx statue. On all 4 corner there are lamp posts that shine around the statue, but not directly onto it.
  3. Subjective: This represents the not only the directions of north, south, east and west, but also the different directions that you take in life. There is never a clear answer, as each road leads to this unformed thing at the center. While there is a grotesqueness about this unknown entity, there is also a beauty about not knowing what is going to happen.

Lighting Observation 9

Location: My dorm, like 5:30am earlier this week

Objective: I woke up way too early because my phone woke me up when my boyfriend texted me, and the light from my phone was just really bright.

Subjective: Not only was I insanely annoyed that my boyfriend was texting me literally before the sun was even up, the light on m phone was so obnoxiously bright that all I wanted to do was hit the lock button again so I could roll over and go back to sleep, but the phone blinded me temporarily when it lit up bright white light, it took all I had not to throw the stupid phone out the window.

lighting Observation

  1. Thursday April 6th, My Dorm
  2. A string of rainbow christmas lights illuminates my dorm room
  3. I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that i had left my christmas lights on. It created this beautiful multi-colored effect that lit up my whole room. The lights reflected off of every surface in my room and it was a really beautiful room.

Lighting Observation #9

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: April 6th, 7:40pm, Playhouse

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The stage is lit up with lights, as well as the house.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Lights surround everyone else, but I am in the dark, watching it all. Watching it all unfold. It is peaceful, the lights are not too bright and yet I can still see. They are dim enough to allow for peacefulness but bright enough that I know where to look. I don’t pay attention to anything surrounding me. Right now I just take a breath and breathe in the lights. Letting the peace engulf me.