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Lighting Observation

Date: 3/30 Time: 6:45 Location: Montauk Light House

Objective Description: watched the sunrise on the rocks and witnessed the many colors that come up before and during the sunrise. created a calming and peaceful environment.

Subjective Description: I went to the Montauk Lighthouse where I watched the sunrise. I went with Richie and we woke up at 3 in the morning and left by 4 to get to the lighthouse. The view was beautiful and there were so many colors that lit up the sky. There was a moment where the was a rainbow in the sky and then it suddenly turned back into blue and then the sun finally rose up and it was a moment like the lion king. In that moment all of my worries left my brain and I was so grateful I got to witness such an incredible view that most people don’t usually get to see.

Lighting Observation 2: Week 8

1) 3/24/11, 9:13pm, Jones Beach

2) Objective: Driving down Meadowbrook Pkwy with the lighthouse light shining infront of me.

3) Subjective: Nighttime drive down the Meadowbrook with city lights reflecting off the water creating beautiful light on each side of me. With bright streetlights guiding my way down the road. Infront of me is a bright light shining in the distance blinking and catching my eye.