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lighting Observation

  1. Thursday Morning in my dorm room.
  2. Sun light shining under my blinds and hitting my coffee in just the right way.
  3. I despise mornings, I need an hour and about 4 coffees to really feel human, but I’ve decided I need to wake up earlier.  So, Thursday I woke up with enough time to make coffee in my dorm instead of buying on my way to class.  My blinds are all the way down but the golden sun light is creeping under the lower edge and landing in a sharp oblong trapezoid shape on my desk. I set down my coffee in the pool of morning sun light and the way the light hit the curve of the cup. It looked so soft and cozy, it was everything that was right about mornings.

Spoopy Observation

IMG_1884.JPG Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 2.20.29 AM

Photo taken by: Me, Myrtle Beach, SC August 2014

Theme: Spooky

I managed to get a picture of the lighting striking out over the ocean. There were three storms taking place on the sea lighting up the sky, and the water. The shadows of the clouds appeared calming yet terrifying from such powerful storms.

Photo Observation 6



Photo taken by Me, February 2016

Theme: Shadow

Usually shadows can be found during the day time, where light is more abundant and common. But in our modern world where so much is lit at night time, it is easy to find shadows even in the dark. Shadows have the ability to create more tension at night, given humans are generally afraid of the dark and unknown. The less we can see, the worse.

Photo Observation 5


Photo taken by me, in Brooklyn on September 15th 2015

Theme: FUN!

Well, my ride is here… This is the fanciest, most fun garbage truck I have ever seen. I saw it while walking to get dinner with one of my friends in the city and stopped because I thought it was a really badass ice cream truck, turns out it was just a garbage truck customized with colorful lights.

Photo Observation 4



Photo of me, taken by a friend in January 2014

Theme: Hot

One of the most obvious things we think about when we think about “hot” in temperature is the color red, and for plenty of good reasons. In this photo I was playing around with my friends lightsaber when it was taken.


tattooine sunset

Photo Observation 3


Photo by Me, taken at The City Museum in Saint Louis, MO on August 17 2015

Theme: Cold

In the museum, there was a section that was set up to resemble a cave. There were more crawl spaces than you can count, and some hard to find. I stumbled upon this little nook and the lights reflecting on it made it look kind of like a moon to me at the time. But the colors of the lights made this area feel cold, which at the time felt like an awesome retreat from the 100 degree weather outside.


Lighting Observation 3

  1. February 10th, Academic Side of Hofstra, 1:00am
  2. Objective Description: The bright white lighting of the lamp posts at night don’t mix with the orange tinted streetlights. There’s enough light to illuminate the path, and then some. Like the sun, these lights are challenging to look at for more than a second. The lamp posts emit a cooler toned white and they are reflecting off of the snow and trees around them.
  3. Subjective Description: It feels kind of like Narnia when you walk through the pathways around the Spiegel and there’s snow on the ground and a sidewalk lined with lamp posts. I’m not sure I feel safe but it’s definitely calming. It reminds me of my home town and the lamp posts we have around the town center, only i’m pretty sure those actually once were lit using fire.

Lighting Observation 2

  1. February 2nd, 5:16pm, Hempstead
  2. Objective Description: Winter sunsets can have such delicate, softened colors to them. Driving around running errands at sunset has enabled me to have a moment just enjoying the view of a sunset with colors easy on the eyes. I see red and green traffic lights and the silhouettes of buildings as the light leaves the sky. A couple clouds that reflect the colors of the sunset.
  3. Subjective Description: I’m really hungry and the clouds look like cotton candy. But the mood in general is quiet and gentle driving around with a pastel sunset on a Tuesday night.

Photo Observation 1

pound ridge

Photo by me, taken in Pound Ridge, NY in August 2015

Theme: Sunrise/sunset

This photo was a happy accident. My friend Jarred and I were driving to go get ice cream when I happened to look out the window and went “OH PRETTY!” and decided we had to pull over. Something about the stillness of the reservoir and forests surrounding it have a way of putting one at ease. It reminded me of how small I am compared to the universe, as well as how much I miss the awesome hiking trails in my little suburban hometown in New York.