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Lighting Observation #10

1. Date: April 19, 2018
Time: 10:00pm
Location: My Bathroom
2. There is a small lilac nightlight in the outlet near the door to the bathroom. It’s very faint, but it casts a pale glow on everything around it.
3. The light makes the otherwise completely dark room feel very mysterious. It lights everything very faintly and with a color that seems just off-white although the color is actually purple. Everything that is affected by this faint light, looks as if the moon is shining on it. It gives the room a glow instead of complete illumination.

Light Observation #7

1) March 29th-5:15pm-Penn Station

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: After getting off an LIRR train at Penn station, I stood to the side while I waited for my friends to meet up. There was a long and large strip of a florescent light that was very bright above me. It hit me on an angle on my right side. There was also a large square shaped post that blocked a certain area of the light which created a sharp line to the shape of the field of light.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The light was so bright it distracted me from what I was supposed to be doing. The light created a mesmerizing feeling because of how bright it was. I felt like a moth being attracted to light because of how I couldn’t stop looking at it. The light was leaning on the cool toned side, however not extremely cool toned that it was very noticeable. This lighting moment was distracting and very odd as it made me feel frozen in the busy train station.

Lighting Observation #8

March 28th / Axinn Library 10th Floor

Objective Description: The Sun is slowly setting and its light is directly behind someone’s head, creating a silhouette.

Subjective Description: Looking up from my book, all I could see is the outline of my friend. The Suns rays would have been beaming into my eyes if my friend hadn’t been sitting there and their long shadow hadn’t been cast. The image was nearly biblical.

Lighting Observation #8

1. Date: March 28, 2018
Time: 9:10am
Location: Lowe 201
2. A pale bluish light shone through the window and reflected on the whiteboard. The light seemed to highlight every detail on the surface of the blank board.
3. The pale blue light gave me a simple, breezy feeling. It was a light that made me want to jump into it and leave trouble behind. It seemed as if it was meant to be on a flower but instead was just shining through a window.

Lighting Observation #7

1) March 16-5:58pm-LIRR train to Penn station

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sun was coming in from the train window on the right on me. Because the sun was setting, the light appears to be warmer than normal. The light hits my friends whole bodies sitting across from me. The light also came in a shape of the window, which was a rectangle. The sun light does not hit me directly but does reflect off indirectly.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Here the lighting created a happy and calming feeling. Even with the sharp edges of the shape, it did not feel harsh. The shape of the light acted like a frame around my friends. The light felt calming because of the color of light. It was warm and welcoming, which created this calming feeling. The way the light framed my friends made me feel very happy.

Lighting Observation #7

1. Date: March 14, 2018
Time: 9:05am
Location: Lowe Room 201
2. When the window closest to the front of the room is opened, letting the light from the sunrise in, there is a small, heart-shaped shard of lighting that breaks distinctly away from the lighting in the rest of the room.
3. This small light inspires a feeling of hope. The fact that it tears away from the rest of the lighting in the room to remain isolated feels interesting because it is a heart. It seems almost like it is keeping itself safe.

Light Observation #6

1) March 7th-7:40 pm-Netherlands Unispan

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: There were two rows of lights across the bridge so one could see when crossing it at night. The lights were not all the same color tone however. Some were amber and some were a cool white. Also, the different color of the lights were not in any particular pattern.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: In this moment, the lighting made me literally groan. I was so annoyed that the colors of the lights did not match to each other. Also, because of how the lights where spaced, there was just a circle with no light in between each light for the entire bridge walkway. Therefore, there ended up being big dots of non-patterned colors of lights across the nether-span. This created a very irritating feeling because of how the lights did not match and were not even in a pattern.

Light Observation #6

1. Date: March 8, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Intersection of Primrose Lane and Duncan Road
2. There is a single street light right at the intersection of two roads. It shines a vibrant white onto a section of the road
3. The light creates an eerie feeling. This is the kind of lighting that makes you feel unsettled. It also makes you feel the need to check behind you to make sure no one is following because you fear the sight of a shadow directly following your own.

Lighting Observation #5

When and Where: February 28, 2018 4:00pm / Student Center (Cafeteria Side)

Objective Description: The windows above and touching the ceiling of the cafeteria let in the suns rays down into the room. One half of the room was bathed in light while the other is covered in a contrasting shade.

Subjective Description: The lighting flooding the room was bright and orange. Everything down to the dust particles could be seen in it and stepping into it was blinding. Meanwhile, the rest of the cafeteria was shrouded in a blue hue. Slowly as time passed, the sun began to set and the light traveled slowly up the walls of the room until it disappeared.

Lighting Observation #5

1) 2/25/18- 7:24pm- Interstate 24 on the Jones Beach exit

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Setting in a car during some traffic, a street light on the right side of the car flickered randomly. The light was off more often than it was on. It was also the only light around except for our car’s head lights. The color of the street light was the typical warm, amber color of street lights.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: This lighting moment was entirely creepy. It looked like something in a horror film. In this case, it felt like in the movies when the character’s flashlight would start to die while running around the haunted forest. Every time the street light would flicker on, I was worried some terrifying demon creature would pop up. This came across because of the lack of light that played into the fear of darkness feeling; Also, the timing in which the light would flicker was so abnormal, it created an unsettling sensation.