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Lighting Observation #1

  1. 2/2/17, 5:32 pm, the NAB
  2. The sun was setting, casting an orange light on the front of the NAB. The trees behind Lowe had cast a shadow on the NAB.
  3. Walking with squinting eyes to rehearsal due to the blinding sun, I look up at the NAB. The shadow that the trees had created on the NAB, cutting through the warm orange glow the sun created, was very settling. The lighting was comforting, giving the impression that the day was almost at an end. The warm, pleasant light was slowly fading and the darkness of night was welcomed.

Light Observation #1

  1. January 30th, 2017 – Bill of Rights Residence Hall
  2. The sunset is reflecting off of one of the towers at hofstra university, creating a beautiful yellow/orange glow
  3. I was walking out of the student center and I was seeing the sun cast this beautiful orange, almost golden, glow and it really caught my eye. I was just staring at this beautiful moment and wondered if anyone else was seeing this because no one else had stopped to look.

Lighting Observation 12

Date: 4/24/2016 Time: 8:00 p.m. Location: my dorm

Objective Description: The setting sun is shining through my blinds. The rest of my room is dark.

Subjective Description: My building faces the east and I am on the 9th floor so I get to watch the sun set over the city skyline every night. Over the past hour, the sun has been shining into my room through the cracks in the blinds and have been changing colors as the sun sets farther. Over the course of the hour, my room changes from having yellow stripes on the wall, to orange, to pink, gradually making my room darker and darker until there is no more sunlight coming in and I sit in complete darkness.


Lighting Observation 11

Date: 4/19/2016 Time: 3:19 p.m. Location: classroom in Davidson

Objective Description: I am in a basement classroom of Davidson. You cannot really see anything out of the window, outside is a concrete well sort of thing that has bars on top. The florescent lights are not on and the only light coming in is from the windows which are not covered by the blinds.

Subjective Description:  It is later in the afternoon so the sun is more eastward and is shining in through the windows. The angle that the sun is hitting the basement windows reflects off of the glass in a way that creates light and shadows to be reflected back onto the concrete. The shadow from the bars above the concrete also create shadows down onto the open blinds and wall. I thought this looked interesting just because of the odd angle that the sun is shining in. I also liked it because it created geometric shapes that reflected off of the window glass onto the concrete wall.

Lighting Observation #10 Seagulls In the Heavens of the Ceiling

9 April 2016-1:40pm-American Museum of Natural History

The light shines from behind one of the mounted seagulls near the ceiling of the one dinosaur room. The light catches the feathers on the edge of the right wing.

The lighting backlit the right wing like a glow from the heavens. It made the wing seem slightly transparent as the light seeped through certain spots of the feathers. The light despite its size emitted an intense light that highlighted the wing brilliantly. It is a bright light emphasizing the might of this seagulls wing. It is empowering light that has a feeling of bravery and nobility to it. It comes from the sky, it shows off this seagull’s wing, and it is golden-ish white. emboldening, brave, mighty, empowering, the light just seemed to sing heartily that this wing is powerful. It is the light of the heavens, of the brave, and of the celestial. The backlighting quality of this light really sells it home that it is a heavenly. The like of which might be found in paintings and other artwork throughout time to indicate holiness and sacredness. The lighting felt like it was empowering and giving strength even if this strength came only in the form of attention.

Lighting Observation 9

Date: 4/7/2016 Time: 9:23 p.m. Location: My dorm room

Objective Description: All of the lights in my room are out and it is almost entirely dark. The only light coming in is form the parking lamps outside of my window through the closed blinds.

Subjective Description:  The blinds are completely closed by the tiny cracks let bits of light sneak in. The light forms straight and orderly lines on my wall which is fairly blank. One of the lights is flickering and a patch of wall lights up randomly. As I try to close my blinds a way that will stop the light from coming in, the beams just move to the top of my wall and my ceiling. The amber colored pinstripes on my wall will not leave, so I just decide to enjoy my new illuminated wallpaper.

light observation

1) March 15th – 7:15 am

2) The sunrise is shining through my window, illuminating my lamp, which was turned on as I woke up before sunrise, and the shadow of the lamp on the wall is interesting because it’s one of those multiple-bulb lamps with only a few bulbs on at a time, so like, some of the shadow is brighter than the other part of it, because it’s a shadow from the sun, but the light of the lamp illuminates it, and also, the light of the lamp is fluorescent white light, whereas the sun is throwing a very yellow/gold hue on the wall.

3) Well what I think is cool subjectively about this is that it’s kind of almost like a section of the wall as it was before the sun rose, being preserved into the daytime. Ignoring the fact that the sunlight is indeed reflecting off of everything and also passing through the translucent parts of my lamp, it’s kind of like a cut section of the wall from an earlier time – cause the sunlight isn’t affecting it, but the lamp light still is, whereas all around it, the sun is bright enough to not be able to see the lamp light at all affecting the wall. So that’s cool. I guess the emotion I’d put there is like, determined, like, the lighting itself from the early morning is determined to preserve itself through the day. Until, well, I turn off my lamp, I guess.

Lighting Observation 8

Date: 3/17/2016 Time: 10:45 p.m. Location: Lowe stairwell

Objective Description: The light in the stairwell itself has gone out. It is also dark outside so there is no light from the window coming in. The only light coming illuminating the stairwell is coming from the top and bottom halls.

Subjective Description: This lighting moment was kind of creepy. The fact that the building which is normally bright and bursting with loud and lively people was now dark and quiet really made it feel more out of place than a regular dark stairwell would have. Also the lighting not being fully dark was almost worse because that in-between, dimly lit effect makes everything feel just slightly off and uncomfortably creepy instead of just being flat out terrifying.

Lighting Observation 7

Date: 3/11/2016 Time: 9:15 p.m. Location: in my dorm

Objective Description: All of the lights in my room are out except for my Christmas lights. They are “icicle” lights so little strands of lights hand off of the main strand. There are also glittery, mini ornaments hanging on the lights.

Subjective Description: The mini bulbs reflect off of my pale yellow wall and it looks like each bulb is glowing. They are also hanging at all different lengths and do not really have a rhyme or reason to where they hang. This along with their individual, mini glows makes them look like stars in the sky. The small ornaments hanging off of the lights also make a cool effect on the wall. Because the ornaments were glitter, each individual speck of glitter reflected the light in its own way. The ornaments hanging on the strand of lights looked like mini disco balls and made the lighting feel fun just off of their reflections.

Lighting Observation

Time: 10pm on Wednesday, at the Met

Objective Description: I watched the lights fade during the last scene of Manon Lescaut, where the title character dies.

Subjective Description: It was the last scene of the opera Manon Lescaut, and Manon and her lover were stuck in a wasteland. She was weak and dying. The light in this scene was pale blue and pale orange, and throughout the scene, the colors slowly faded to monotone colors. It was so subtle that I didn’t even pick up on it until Manon said her last words and died in her lover’s arms. It was then that I realized all of the color had left the scene and everything was somewhere between black and white. I was amazed with this lighting choice and thought it mirrored death perfectly.