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Light Observation #2

  1. 8 February 2018//6:22 pm//Student Center Hospitality Desk–looking into the hallway.
  2. There is a led scrolling light sign on the exterior of the card services office. It alternates between red text and green text, but is most often red. It is bright enough that it throws a considerable amount of light onto the other hallway wall. It is a non specific shape that is on the ceiling and opposite wall of which the intensity lessens from the center out. The intensity also undulates as the words stream across the sign in different lengths altering the number of lights used/illuminating the opposite wall.
  3. This light feels discouraging. It reminds me of a post on a moody aesthetic blog where there is only a chair in a white room with dramatic colored lighting. The other situation I could liken it to is that of an empty bar…a neon light illuminating an empty space on a slow night. Its kind of harrowing really. The red is such a contrast to the white wall and it is hard not to notice it…it gives off a vibe of “I’ll just be over here…waiting…if anyone cares?” I would love to use this lighting on a lyrical modern dance piece that is lonely bar, this association with this light really has my imagination going.

Lighting Observation #2

1. 2/6/14, 9:54 pm, Leaving Emily Lowe

2. Objective Description: There is light coming from Lowe behind me, accompanied by a blue glow from the emergency contact post.

3. Subjective Description: The light from Emily Lowe create a sort of glow around the fringe of the quad. In the distance there is a small blue light.  There is a sense of isolation as the light only goes so far as it fades to dim moon light.  When walking away from Lowe and turning back the light from the building creates an inviting place in contrast with its dark surroundings.