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Light Observation

  1. Thursday 4:30pm in my dorm room.
  2. My roommate and I were sitting around relaxing in our room and our suite mate told us it was raining heavily outside. When I pulled the shades to look outside a flash of lightning zipped across the sky.
  3. The first thing I saw as I pulled the shades of the dirty window in my dorm room was a bright quick beam of bluish white light. at first it startled me because I had just pulled the old dusty shades up to the top of the window to see the rain as it flashed across the gray and drab background of the sky.

Lighting Observation

  1. 4/6/17, 6:00 pm, Spiegel Theatre
  2. The stage lights in the Spiegel were off, and only a few of the house lights were on. You could see the lighting through the backdoor of the Spiegel.
  3. The clouds started to get darker, eventually leading to a sudden downpour. I ran into the Spiegel to escape the weather just as another roar of thunder commenced. I walked into a mostly dark space. The onstage lights had been turned off, but there were still some house lights on. It seemed as though the two back rows of the theatre were the only area where light was seen. As I walked down the aisle to get to the front row, I could see a burst of light coming from the side entrance. The lightning could be seen through the window of the side door, illuminating its surroundings. This gave me chills up my spine and almost immediately transformed the space into something more eerie than it previously was.

Light Observation

  1. Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 10 near Enterprise.
  2. On the side walk there was a little clear puddle on the floor like a mirror and in the middle there was a flash bright zig zag white purple line which was lighting.
  3. I was walking to one of my classes and it was raining. I looked down and there as a bunch of puddles around me. One in particular caught my eye because it was like a flash of purple light for a quick second. Even though it was for a few seconds it was enough time to observe the detail of the light. It was a crooked, bent, curved line. What really made the shape stand out was the color of white and purple. I thought it was really pretty and interesting to see an exotic light coming from the sky. For a moment I was shook because I was viewing this through a puddle and still got to see detail as if I was looking up into the sky.

Spoopy Observation

IMG_1884.JPG Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 2.20.29 AM

Photo taken by: Me, Myrtle Beach, SC August 2014

Theme: Spooky

I managed to get a picture of the lighting striking out over the ocean. There were three storms taking place on the sea lighting up the sky, and the water. The shadows of the clouds appeared calming yet terrifying from such powerful storms.

Photo Oberservation Week #6: Powerful



3) Theme: Powerful

4) This picture signifies powerful to me because whenever there is lightning, it strikes and makes a loud noise. This reminds me of a scene in a movie where people are on a boat and there’s a horrible storm going on. The characters are trying to get home or find land so they can save themselves. This is a shot I can see a director using to signify how bad the storm is. The lightning that is striking in this picture looks like it is hitting the ocean. The white light in the middle of the lightning is very powerful and has a huge glare. Where the lightning is striking, you can see the sky in the background. The color is a light blue where the outer area of the sky is a darker blue especially in the middle of the photo.


Photo Observation


3) Unreal

4) Lightning is an awesome thing of nature. It occurs during rainstorms, volcanic eruptions, and, at times, dust storms. Lightning takes on many different shapes and has so many different ways of occurring. This photo of lightning striking the Eiffel Tower seems so unreal because of the way the bolts wrap around the monument. The wrapping motion reminds me of the way a mother bear or any motherly creature, for that matter, would wrap themselves around their young to protect them.

Another thing that I find mind blowing about this photo is the fact that this is not the first time lightning has struck the Eiffel Tower. I read that in 1902, lightning struck the Eiffel Tower and damaged the upper section of the monument.

This picture grabbed my attention by the contrast of the bright light emitted from the bolts of lightning in relation to the darker colored sky closer to the bottom of the photo. The brightness at the top of the photo only grabbed my attention when I saw the light shining at the top of the tower.

Light Observation #7

1) 3/14/12 – 8:30 pm – On the LIRR heading back to Mineola Station

2) A flashing light seen out the window of the train as it was moving

3) As I was on my way back to campus from the city, I sat on the LIRR looking out the window on the verge of falling asleep when suddenly, a light flashes. I was so confused at first. The light was so bright and quick that it looked like lightning. I instantly sat up and stared intensely out the window to see if this flash would happen again. It did. I have no idea what caused the flashes, but it continued to intrigue me as I kept staring out the window even harder to try and figure out what was making it. I still don’t know and would like to find out if anyone knows what creates the bright flashes.


Lighting Observation 1 Devin Gee

1)   4/12/11- 10 pm- Dorm Room

2)   Lightning flashes through the blinds in my dark room.  The bright flashes of light were from the lightning storm outside.

3)   This lighting moment brought me into a horror film.  The room was dark and I was about to go to sleep and then there was a sudden bright flash of light that came through the window, through the blinds and light up the whole room for a split second.  It reminded me of horror movies where they have a very dark lit scene and then in order to reveal something they use the bright flash of lightning to reveal that person, object etc.  It especially reminded me of the movie disturbia where the scene is very dark and then with a simple flash of light from a lightning storm it revealed the murderer in the window and it was a very scary moment and startling.  I think this technique could be great in theatre and really create the element of surprise as well as keep people on edge because it definitely kept me frightened.


Photo Observation-Week 8



3) Power

4) When I think power and light , I always think of lightning. To me power is something that is intense, and catches your attention, raw and transforming. To me that is what lightning is as well. Especially in this photo, the lighting is intense, bright, eye catching, raw and transforming. It’s not something you would want to be caught in. Also, with the vibrant purple shooting out of the lightning you can feel the power it had over the area.

Photo Observation #7


Courtesy of Lightning Prevention Systems, Inc. (


Lightning to me is immediately evocative of power, and not just for what it does, but for what it looks like. In this particular photo, the contrast with everything around it is what creates the feeling of power. The bolt is enormous and blindingly bright, immediately drawing focus and inspiring awe. In addition to the brightness, the unearthly purple-pink tint to the light makes it seem otherworldly. The light conveys power, and its presence makes everything around it look tiny and powerless by comparison.