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Light Observation #2

  1. 8 February 2018//6:22 pm//Student Center Hospitality Desk–looking into the hallway.
  2. There is a led scrolling light sign on the exterior of the card services office. It alternates between red text and green text, but is most often red. It is bright enough that it throws a considerable amount of light onto the other hallway wall. It is a non specific shape that is on the ceiling and opposite wall of which the intensity lessens from the center out. The intensity also undulates as the words stream across the sign in different lengths altering the number of lights used/illuminating the opposite wall.
  3. This light feels discouraging. It reminds me of a post on a moody aesthetic blog where there is only a chair in a white room with dramatic colored lighting. The other situation I could liken it to is that of an empty bar…a neon light illuminating an empty space on a slow night. Its kind of harrowing really. The red is such a contrast to the white wall and it is hard not to notice it…it gives off a vibe of “I’ll just be over here…waiting…if anyone cares?” I would love to use this lighting on a lyrical modern dance piece that is lonely bar, this association with this light really has my imagination going.

Photo Observation #4




This photo gives me a weird empty feeling in my stomach, the way only a lonely photo could. The lighting in one corner from the rising sun offers promise of a beautiful day, but the thing about the photo that really sticks out is the dim, foggy bridge on the left hand side. Though it seems at first look that there could be a lovely day ahead, the sole person walking along the bridge in the mist probably can’t even see it. The city around him is steely cold, and the vastness that stretches out from his feet give the feeling of immense solitude.


Photo Observation #4 – Lonely



3. Lonely

4. On a dark night, a lone soul walks along a black and empty footpath.  The only light provided is a dull, white light emitted from the street lamps surrounding the dusky pathway. The lampposts do a poor job illuminating this vacant area, giving it an uninviting atmosphere. Silhouettes of trees and bushes rise along the walkway.  This wanderer strolls through a vast area of darkness alone, with nothing but his shadow beside him.

Photo Observation #4



3) Lonely

4) This image embodies loneliness to me due to the isolation of the man and vast openness of the surrounding environment. Because the person is so far away, the dock gives perspective, and the horizon is extremely broad; there is an overwhelming feeling of isolation, with which I associate loneliness. Also, being at the end of the long dock, all that is before the person is deep water; water provides a vast amount of the unknown, which also evokes loneliness. The fact that this image is black and white gives a subdued and almost hopeless sensation/vibe, especially since the black and whiteness colors the fact that this man could be jumping into the water to drown himself. This picture pulls me in, but with a negative connotation since I’m immediately drawn to the man standing alone. Though this picture expresses loneliness, I also think it’s beautiful in it’s sadness.

Photo Observation #4




3. Lonely

4. This picture embodied loneliness for me. The girl’s face is in shadow, so she retains anonymity and is alone. Not even the viewer can comfort her. The light that is striking from a source to the right doesn’t even reach her, she is continually cast in shadow where light and happiness and the comfort of something else cannot reach her. The bars of the staircase trap her, keeping her from the world outside her little corner or loneliness. The fact that that she and her surroundings are continually immersed in shadow from right to left isolates her even more. That there is only one light source isolates her from simply melting into the staircase and feeling some sort of attachment to that. She is truly alone, and the light is proving and reminding us of that.

Photo Observation #11 In The Spotlight

1. spotlight-on-stage

2. Image located at

3. This spotlight makes me feel empty and bare. They way it lights the deserted stage is sad. All that is seen is a single microphone. The stage is barren and I feel empty. I yearn for something to fill the void, but nothing comes. The light simply just shines on, with nothing to truly focus on except the very tip of the microphone. The mood is somber and melancholy, as the wait for fufillment continues.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 2.23.51 AM