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Lighting Observation #11

1. 4/22/14 at around 11:30 at my friend Anthony’s house.

2. Christmas lights hung around his pitch black room. One strand is colored. The other sides of his room are completely dark.

3. Recently my friend moved into a new place that has quite a few problems. One of them being that most of the light blubs were burnt out. Because of this, his room gets shrouded in darkness at night. To eliminate some of the darkness, he uses two long strands of Christmas lights. Two sides of the room is illuminated with a row of colored lights that leave small traces of color on the wall. They leave the wall lit with faint reds, bright yellows, rich greens, brilliant blues, and soft pinks. They occasionally flicker leaving a small portion of the wall in darkness. However, these dimmed lights strikingly light up half of his room very well.  These shining lights are a beauty to look at, with their faint twinkle that brighten the black of the night. We almost don’t want regular lights in his room.

Photo Observation – Shadow #7



3. Shadow

4. The sun is shining down on a couple that casts long shadows on to the sandy shore. The contrast of the dark silhouettes pops against the pale blue ocean. The light sand brings out the shadows giving them a deep focus. The two young people are shrouded in darkness. Despite the lack of detail, the characteristics of color and their surroundings make it apparent of their love for each other.

Photo Observation!


THEME: Single Light Source

A lot of my free time is spent on tumblr, reblogging pretty pictures and entertaining animations. This picture came up from one of my favorites, which is dedicated to books and the beauty therein. I have a huge thing for books, and flowers are generally nice as well. What I love about this picture is how old the books look, how torn and dusty and slightly broken they all are, and yet they are still beautiful. They maintain the story and the subsequent effect it can have on the reader, despite their age. The rose is the same way. It’s old and dried and kind of wrinkled, but it still maintains its beauty. I like how soft and subtle the light in the picture is. For all that it’s a single source coming from behind, the shadows aren’t overbearing and everything is still visible. The way the light kind of fades away around the edges of the object and everything is the dusty yellow of worn but still alive.

photo observation 5


single light source

this photo has a single light source coming from the left of the cow. I have totally fallen in love with this picture. The shadows cast on the cows face darken her eyes and give her a bit of mystery. The expression on her face is enhanced by the contrast between light and dark.