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Photo Observation

  2. Shadow
  3. The light creates a shadow that finishes a picture. Instead of lighting being used to light actors that tell a story, the light is being used to create a story itself. I thought this was really cute, creative, and funny. And that this image fit the shadow theme well.

Light Observation

  1.  Tuesday 6:30pm, in my dorm room.
  2. I went to my mailbox to get my latest amazon purchase, a laptop sticker that makes the Apple logo look like Ron Swanson. When I placed the sticker on my laptop, I opened it up to see how it looked and saw the light form around the black hair and mustache to form my beloved TV character Ron Swanson.
  3. As the apple lit up and the light surrounded the black sticker, it formed a happy memory for me. the light took a shape that filled me with countless moments of laughter and pure joy. It represents something that I cherish and admire: a great show.

Photo Observation

  1. Solo Hiking, Going It Alone
  2. Mysterious
  3.  The photo has dim lighting and the moon isn’t shown in the picture so I thought that was kind of curious and mysterious. I always associate mystery with curiosity and eeriness. The picture is just lit enough to create a reflection of the trees off the water and the fog makes it so that you can’t see where the land stops and the water begins which I think is mysterious.

Light Observation

  1. Wednesday 2:15am in my dorm room.
  2. The light I saw was coming from my roommates phone. she was FaceTiming her boyfriend at an absurd hour of the night. the light was bright white and annoying.
  3. As I tossed and turned in my uncomfortable dorm bed, I was kept awake by the bright white obnoxious light of the iPhone 6s. It was 2:15 in the morning, don’t you think people (meaning me) would want to fall asleep without having to ignore such a light at full brightness and a loud conversation? Staring at this light made me angry because it shouldn’t have been there.

Photo Observation


2. Me: Maggie Sullivan

3. The second this theme was assigned I knew exactly what I was going to take a picture of. Usually a cat, which I’ve named Pretchous, is easily spotted in the square in this photo. I went out to this exact spot almost every night this week to get a photo of this cat under this light for the night life theme. Sadly, she never showed up which I thought was odd until I found out some hot gossip from my suite mate. What I found was that the cat that normally sleeps under this warm and happy light is pregnant! I chose this photo for the night life theme because when I think of the night life here at Hofstra I think of all the little creatures that live here throughout the night, such as these cats. Even though Pretchous never showed up, this spot and the light she sleeps under always reminds me of the night life at Hofstra.


Light Observation

  1. Thursday 7:30pm on the steps to the uni-span.
  2. I had my lighting moment as I was walking up the steps to the uni-span in the freezing cold and wind. The light was orange in color and lit up the doors as I walked in.
  3. This light provided the promise of warmth as I zipped up my jacket and ran toward it in the freezing cold as I was coming back from the south side of campus. The light felt welcoming and I knew that once I passed through it, I would feel warm again.

Photo Observation 2

  1. 123RF Stock Photos
  2. Cold
  3.  I thought this photo did a decent job in showing how the lighting changes based on the season. By comparing the bright sunny and warm lighting of the ocean scape during the warmer months to the dark depressing and frigid winter months, it really makes the winter picture feel colder to me than it would on its own.

Light Observation 2

  1. Wednesday February 8th 4:00pm The Peacock Lounge at NBC Studios.
  2. On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to get tickets to see a taping of The Tonight Show. After we we admitted into the studio we were put in a waiting area in the studio called the Peacock Lounge. In addition to some couches and some curtains, there were dozens of monitors all around the room with pictures from previous guests on the show that changed every few seconds. However, the lighting in the room was very special. The ceiling was lit around the edges with orangey yellow light and there were 4 pillars in the room that would change from blue to orange as the monitors changed around them as well.
  3. The lights that illuminated most of the room were a warm and happy orangey yellow color. It was almost as if a sunrise was peaking out from a ledge just beneath the entire edge of the ceiling. Then each of the four pillars in the room had interchanging blue and orange light on two sides and a monitor with pictures from the show on the other two sides. As the colors and photos changed I felt starstruck. The lighting of the Peacock Lounge made me feel special and excited to be a part of something so magical.

Photo Observation 1

2) Sunrise Technologies powered by Microsoft

3) Sunrise/sunset

4) The sunrise appears so powerful that it blocks the ocean and most of the background of the photo. It feels warm and simple yet beautiful. it creates feelings hope for the future. The beach and grass is dark enough to still remain visible despite the overwhelming light behind it.

Lighting Observation 1

  1. Thursday 7:10am in my dorm room. I had just been woken up by my roommate.
  2. The light was orange in color and it was slipping through the open spaces of the shades on my window. Just a small amount of light was peaking through a few of the spaces in the corner of the shade.
  3. The light was a bright tangerine orange. I couldn’t see its source, but I knew it was the sun leaking in to the cracks of the shades and invading the small piece of the window sill with its faded value. Anger and hatred filled the room. The last thing I wanted to see at that time was sunlight. Sunlight indicated the day had started and it was time to stop sleeping. How dare the sunlight sneak into my room and disturb my sweet slumber.