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Lighting Observation 1

Date: 1-30-16 Time: 10:45 Location: Outside Roosevelt Field

Objective Description: When leaving the parking lot of Roosevelt Field Mall the contrast between the parking garage lighting and the outside lighting was truly remarkable.

Subjective Description: As i walked to my car from a stressful day of work, I couldn’t help but be bothered by the fluorescent lighting in the parking garage. This just made me annoyed and a little more stressed. As soon as I pulled out of the bright parking garage I was hit by this calming darkness that was lit by the sky and the few street lights. Suddenly, I became calm and didn’t mind being out. It seemed that all my stress and frustration from serving snotty people coffee at Starbucks just left my body.

Lighting Observation for 2/25

1) H&M fitting rooms at Roosevelt Fields Mall

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I am looking at a very white hallway with white partial-doors and white tile. There are very white lights in the ceiling, in round fixtures. They are casting reflections on the tile, which are in turn very round and white. The hallway is very long. Above and below each fitting room door more white light is escaping. There is no other color in the area except for the carpet at the end of the hall, where the entrance back into the store begins. It is red.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The room feels extremely sterile, like it is waiting for some color to enter it. The eye is drawn immediately to the red, as the rest of the area feels very muted. It also feels desolate, as if no one is allowed to be there. It causes stress, like something is missing.