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Photo Observation

www.genkin.oro Ilya Genkin


This image is of a landscape in Australia. It is in the late afternoon. Whats makes this lighting enchanted is the brightness and viberance. The light comming from the sky is making the colors of the pathway appear more crisp and light. This landscape could be a late afternoon in some gnomes magic forest where all the gnomes travel along the path to some secret place.

Light Observation

1.) Lowe 2nd floor April 18th 2018 11:30pm.

2.) While working in Lowe 216 last night with some other sophomores, the power went out all of a sudden. We packed our things and went to exit the building. When we got out into the hallway the emergency lights and exit signs were on. The doors had all auto closed as well. The emergency lights in the hallway were cumming from the middle top of the right side wall and had two medium flood parnell. They were very cool in temperature, and were strongest in the middle of the hallway. Directly under and the ceiling above were almost a cool blue, and the floor underneath reflected the light back up cratered a glare on the floor.

3.) The whole scene reminded of the opening scene to the walking dead season 1 opener. The main character wakes up in the hospital after a zombie apocalypses has destroyed the world an as he wanders the hallways lit by emergency lighting, he moves twords some doors barred shut that read “Dead Inside” written in blood. It was very creepy, after taking some pictures to remind me of the lighting I ran out of the building.

4 Seasons Project


The goal of this design was to give the impression that the light was hitting the figure from the sky at winters soon , slightly after solar noon and hitting them from the ground as well because snow reflects light.

Cyc: Top R61 @70 , L253 @ 50 / Bottom R98 @ 25

1.) R09 @ 10 / 31 degrees elevation / 29 degrees side left/ 17′ height/ 21′ throw

2.) R60 @ 40 / 31 degrees elevation / 29 degrees side right / 17′ height/ 21′ throw

3.) R66 @ 50 / 27 degree elevation / 90 degree side left / 12′ height / 13′ throw/

4.) R66 @ 50 / 27 degree elevation / 90 degree side left / 12′ height / 13′ throw

5.) R162 @ 75 / Direct Top Light / 17′ height / 11′ throw

6.) R132 @ 30 / -36 degree elevation / direct front / 0′ height / 10′ throw

7.) R132 @ 30 / -31 degree elevation / 37 degree side left / 12′ throw





The goal of the design is to get a warm wash from angles that show the sun is not setting but is no longer at solar noon either. Also get some reflection from the water.

Cyc: Top G785@full / Bottom G840 @ 80

1.) R61 @ 30 / 31 degree elevation / 29 degree side right / 21′ throw / 17’height

2.) R61 @ 30 / 31 degree elevation / 29 degree side left/ 21′ throw / 17′ height

3.) R07 @ 50 / 34 degree elevation / 11 degree side left / 17′ height / 20′ throw

4.) R07 @ 40 / 27 degree elevation / direct top light / 12′ height / 13′ throw

5.) Same as 4.

6.) R07 @ 70 / 54 degree elevation / direct back / 17′ height / 21′ throw



Cyc: Top G1514 @ 10 /Bottom G1514 @ 70

1.) R3204 @ 50 / direct back light / 54 degrees elevation/ 17′ height / 14′ throw

2.) R3206 @ 75 / 37 degrees elevation / 56 degree side right / 17′ / 18′ throw

3.) R98 @ 25 / 31 degrees elevation / 24 degrees side right / 17′ height / 21′ throw

4.) R09 @ 20 / 31 degrees elevation/ 24 degres side left / 17′ height/ 21′ throw




Cyc: Top G810 @ 50 / Bottom AP2190 @ 75

1.) R3441 @ 75 / 23 degree elevation / 56 degrees side left / 12′ height / 16′ throw

2.) R85 @ 10 / 29 degree elevation / 37 degree side left / 17′ height / 23′ throw

3.) R85 @ 10 / 29 degree elevation / 37 degree side right/ 17′ height / 23′ throw

Light Observation 10

1.) Hofstra Campus near Chalkins hall at 6:25 PM, Wednesday April 10th.

2.) While walking along side Chalkins, the sun was getting low and at about 40 degrees up and 30 degrees to my right. The sun was producing a light straw color, and the trees that blocked the sun revealed a cooler light blue lighting coming from directly above in the sky.

3.) I never noticed this before. The blue and the straw almost act like the warm and cool concept we use in lighting class. Also, I like the way the trees made the lines of cool and warm like a pattern or something.

Light Observation 9

1.) Pond outside my home in Uniondale NY. April 7 2018, 6:50pm.

2.) The sun was soon approaching sun set. The the suns light was reflecting in the pond in a strait thick line pointing towards my window. The light was bright light amber and it glistened. The surrounding water was glistening as well but had a darker tone.

3.) The moment reminded me of something from animal planet. I could almost Morgan Freeman’s voice over playing as the camera shows the shot of the pond and then cuts to a follow shot of the local geese flying through the sky.

Photo Observation #8

Theme: Surreal

This is a photograph of a women in front of a sunset making some sort of gesture. Even though this picture lives in a realistic environment, the way the woman’s body is lit from the back looks unnatural. We can see all the edges and curves, but we cant see any detail on the surface because the light comes only from the back. The peach over whelms the land and dictates what is seen or not seen. An image like this reminds me of a intense dream where you follow a mysterious figure through a unrecognizable world.

Light Observation #8

1.) My Room 5:20 am yesterday morning (3/28/18)  in my bed room.

2.) I am lying in my bed and woke up at 5am because I just returned from France where they are 6 hours ahead. The window is 45 degrees to my left, and is facing the East. There are no curtains on my windows. So at 5:20 a.m dawn began. The sun had not risen but the sky was lighting up and came into my room. The light spreads from my window to the adjacent wall, it runs along the wall in front of me, as well as the floor around my bed and the first 18″ of my bed where my feet are. The rest of my bed is not in the light because the bed is in a cove. The light is a dim dark blue and smoothly washes over everything in its ray of light.

3.) The beam is a calm relaxing blanket. Cooling down everything in the room. At night the room get minimal lighting by the warm street lamp. But at dusk the cool blue slides in, blowing away the heat. It feels like a new day in approaching, washing away the stresses and frustrations of the previous.

Photo Observation 7 Scary

There are two reasons this image is scary. The first is that the color of the image is unnatural. People do not normally see this color in nature, it would be seen in a fire normally. Another reason this image is scary is because we can not see everything clearly. We get scared when we cant see all the information around us, the fear of the unknown.


Lighting Observation 7

Lighting Observation

  1. 1. Light lab Wednesday 9pm
  2. 2. I was working on my 179 project in the light lap. I was working on a fire effect for one of my scenes and I accidentally created the perfect hue for fire. It had orange and a light yellow mixed in. Then the red from the LEDs up top added in the red accents. The fire light come in from the rear window and hit the actors from USR.
  3. 3. The fire scene created a feeling of intense fear. The stage was beaming red from the window and the set felt like a hot burning oven cooking the cast inside. The light creeped in over time until it hit full intensity.

Photo Observation #6

By: Images Express

This lighting makes the woods warm and inviting to enter. Reminds me of what imagine the woods in Mid Summers Night Dream to be like when the sun is out; blasting through the trees. The amber and orange mix make it look cozy inside as well.