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Photo Observation #10 – Enchanted

  1. Found on
  2. Theme: Enchanted
  3.  The person seems to be staring directly into a hazy blue light. The light source is also giving off a dream-like haze or mist, symbolizing something otherworldly. The light is derived from the forest, usually seen as “enchanted” due to it being a common theme in parties or dances. The light seems to have layers of blue, making it appear like a portal to a magical place.

Photo Observation #7

2. Found on Pinterest

3. Theme: Scary

4. The way that this photo is taken is with a filter on it of film which causes the streaks down it. Adding this kind of ancient feel which is slightly scary. But this effect is doubled with the use of fog and a very hazy/ low white light. The way it diffuses through the fog really causes fear in what the unknown is behind that haze. If it was very bright it would have more a playful feel of fog everywhere, but with the low light of nighttime it becomes more scary.

Insane Environment

  1. Location: Acid Fields, March 29, 2017 at 1:30.
  2. Objective: The fields are covered by mist with rain falling down. Threatening grey clouds cover the sky, bringing an anger down towards the ground.
  3. Subjective: This is a haunting apocalyptic look that our environment has been showing in recent years. There is a madness that can be felt throughout as the rain falls. Maybe it the madness is only scary. Or maybe the craziness hides a bloodthirsty hunger.

Shining Through Mist Onto Tree

      Single Light key

Source: Me, October 21, 2016 in street island in front of Resident Buildings.

Theme: Single Subject, Single Light Source

Description: A single light shines on the tree from behind. The light gleams at an acute angle from most of the top of the tree. Behind the tree is a resident building, while on the lower right corner there is a shade of red. While the top of the tree is an intense yellow glow, there are small glimmers of white coming down.

To me, this tree symbolizes the how life may block the what can easily be seen in front of you. We can be so focused on what is in front of us that we forget the things that are easy to see behind it. It overgrows what should be important for your life. Despite this, we still see what is in front of us and not what else can come from the front.

Misty Fields Below Street Lights

  1. Location: February 23, 12:40 am at the soccer fields near Colonial Square West entrance.
  2. Objective: Street lights are surrounding the soccer field, lighting shine down upon the layer of mist. The entire field is lit up, but is unable to penetrate into the grass.
  3. Subjective: Since there is mist covering the grass, there is the question about what is underneath it. What is hidden under the fog of night? There is a eery feeling that something is hiding underneath, wanting to get out. The look of this field makes me believe that an undead underworld or limbo is leaking into the land of the living. All in all, this misty field is a haunting sight to see.

Light Observation #2

1. 6:50 AM, February 2nd 2014. 9th floor, Alliance Hall.

2. The dense fog outside the window and the lights of the buildings and parking lot.

3. As I opened the window blinds in my dorm room, I saw nothing but the cold mist filling the morning air and blocking the view. The window that gave me a great view of the sunset the day before has suddenly become a magic mirror with the ominous gradation of color changing from pink and purple to blue and white. I could see the faint warm lights of the buildings outside floating like spirits and fairies. The mysterious sight reminded me of the Stephen King horror film, The Mist, and Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Feeling a little frightened, I closed the blinds again.