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Photo Observation #4

2. Taken by: Dave Markel
3. Mysterious

4. This photo stood out to me because the landscape itself brings an eerie feel to the picture, but the streak of pinkish light that cuts the sky in half draws questions from anyone looking at it. It makes me think that there is more to be discovered about what is happening in the photo and brings depth to the whole thing.

Photo Observation #4 – Mysterious

  1. Found on:
  2. Theme: Mysterious
  3. Although one could tell what the creature is, the only thing hidden in the shadows is the face, more specifically, the eyes. As the eyes are said to be the most expressive part of the body, the figure gives off a somewhat off-putting feeling of anticipation

Photo Observation 4

2) Flickr- GPC photos

3) Mysterious

4) This photo was basically the first thing that came to mind when I thought of mysterious, It plays with light, and shadow and is in black and white.  The photo shows someone peering through the blinds on a window, and being illuminated with light.

Photo Observation #4

http://warisanlighting.comAre tr


This photo is mysterious because you can only see under the street lamps, you can’t see what is in the woods. The trees are outlined by the dark blue sky. The people walking in the background could be anyone. Are they a couple on a walk? Or hitmen going to claim their next victim? Everything outside of the street lights warm beam is a mystery…

Photo Observation #4

2) I took the photo in lower manhattan near the financial district in October 2017

3) THEME: Mysterious

4) DESCRIPTION: The lighting in this photo causes a creepy and mysterious feeling. As for most of the photo it is extremely dark (which in itself is scary), but the main light comes from the window. It is mysterious becuase of how we can have no idea what’s in this room or who is inside it. The idea of the unknown is what makes many things mysterious. Becuase of how the lighting only shines in only the room creates this unsettling feeling of the unknown.

Photo Observation #4

Title: Mystery Date

Photo Credits: Ken Koskela

Location: Ken Koskela Photography Website

Theme: Mysterious

A woman is dressed in black with red accents. The background behind the model is also black, allowing for her body to blend into her surroundings and highlighting the red accessories that she is wearing. The color of the bright red against a black background makes the photo give off an evil mood. The pose of her fingers in the red glove against the light that is hitting the model from her left side allows only certain parts of the model’s body to be seen. The contrast between the black and bright red colors, as well as the warm and cool shades of lighting allow the model to be seen, but not really.

Photo Observation #4

  1. My friend Em during Tech
  2. Theme: Mysterious
  3. I thought this picture looked mysterious because Em is a very mysterious person and this lighting makes her look even more so. I love the way the blue light from the clip[ lamp reflects off her blonde hair; it makes it almost a silvery color.

Photo Observation Mysterious

2.) This photo was taken by Jovana: 285835806

3.) Mysterious

4.) A purple lit path through a mountain where people can raft on the salt waters surrounded by the earth.  Where one would expect a sky there is the ground, the ground above looks as if the moon were bearing down just above the earth over everyone’s’ heads.  The bizarre feeling of another world is created by the purple lights casting unique shadows and light in the tunnel.

Photo Observation #4

  1. February 21st, Emily Lowe, Taken by Me
  2. Mysterious
  3. I was walking out of Emily Lowe late one night, and i looked at the trees and the way the light hits the trees, it cast all of these shadows on the branches and in the contrast of the night sky it seemed very mysterious.  It was very weird to walk outside to an empty campus and see all these twisted branches and shadows, it felt like i was in a movie.

Photo Observation #4

2. This photo came from a storm chaser blog at

3. Mysterious

4. Though the sky is dark, the land is submersed in a strange yellow glow. The green of the grass is unnaturally bright: it is screaming for help, but the storm has already taken hold of the sky, taking the sun away and filling its place with darkness. And soon it will wreak havoc on the land as well. Where does the yellow haze come from and how long will it last before everything becomes dark?