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Photo Observation #4

  1. My friend Em during Tech
  2. Theme: Mysterious
  3. I thought this picture looked mysterious because Em is a very mysterious person and this lighting makes her look even more so. I love the way the blue light from the clip[ lamp reflects off her blonde hair; it makes it almost a silvery color.

Photo Observation Mysterious

2.) This photo was taken by Jovana: 285835806

3.) Mysterious

4.) A purple lit path through a mountain where people can raft on the salt waters surrounded by the earth.  Where one would expect a sky there is the ground, the ground above looks as if the moon were bearing down just above the earth over everyone’s’ heads.  The bizarre feeling of another world is created by the purple lights casting unique shadows and light in the tunnel.

Photo Observation #4

  1. February 21st, Emily Lowe, Taken by Me
  2. Mysterious
  3. I was walking out of Emily Lowe late one night, and i looked at the trees and the way the light hits the trees, it cast all of these shadows on the branches and in the contrast of the night sky it seemed very mysterious.  It was very weird to walk outside to an empty campus and see all these twisted branches and shadows, it felt like i was in a movie.

Photo Observation #4

2. This photo came from a storm chaser blog at

3. Mysterious

4. Though the sky is dark, the land is submersed in a strange yellow glow. The green of the grass is unnaturally bright: it is screaming for help, but the storm has already taken hold of the sky, taking the sun away and filling its place with darkness. And soon it will wreak havoc on the land as well. Where does the yellow haze come from and how long will it last before everything becomes dark?

Photo Observation 4

I took this photo myself on the way back to campus as my dad and I were crossing the Verrazano-Narrows bridge. It felt very mysterious to me because of the fact that the road seems to have no end because of the fog, and you can barely see the top of the bridge. This was the first time it was ever this foggy, so it gave me a really uneasy feeling until we made it to the other side of the bridge.

Misty Fields Below Street Lights

  1. Location: February 23, 12:40 am at the soccer fields near Colonial Square West entrance.
  2. Objective: Street lights are surrounding the soccer field, lighting shine down upon the layer of mist. The entire field is lit up, but is unable to penetrate into the grass.
  3. Subjective: Since there is mist covering the grass, there is the question about what is underneath it. What is hidden under the fog of night? There is a eery feeling that something is hiding underneath, wanting to get out. The look of this field makes me believe that an undead underworld or limbo is leaking into the land of the living. All in all, this misty field is a haunting sight to see.

Photo Observation

  1. Solo Hiking, Going It Alone
  2. Mysterious
  3.  The photo has dim lighting and the moon isn’t shown in the picture so I thought that was kind of curious and mysterious. I always associate mystery with curiosity and eeriness. The picture is just lit enough to create a reflection of the trees off the water and the fog makes it so that you can’t see where the land stops and the water begins which I think is mysterious.

Photo Observation #4

2. Found at:

3. Mysterious

4. When I think of mysterious I tend to think of things that are darker with shadows and trees. I like this picture for those reasons. Its not quite symmetrical which makes my brain confused which adds to the mysteriousness of the picture. I also like how it takes a minute of looking to realize that there are signs and a light on the street. You can’t really see where the trees end or where the road goes which also helps lend itself to the mysteriousness.

Photo observation

  2. Mysterious
  3. I take an interest in this picture as being mysterious because of the shadow and the color. I love the purple because it has an eerie vibe. The purple is also light enough to reflect a shadow. The shadow has an unknown story. We can see there is a shadow but we don’t know exactly what it is. It could be a person, animal, object etc. Who knows… it is a mystery.

photo observation


2. Mysterious

3.  To me there is nothing more mysterious than being told not to do something. These signs block access to the Aokigahara forest at the base of mount Fuji, also known as the forest of death. That can’t be known by just looking at this photo thought this sign is cutting off entry to what looks like a lovely forest. Beyond the ropes the sun shines through the trees making whats beyond look innocent, even if it isn’t.