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Photo Observation 5



3) THEME: Fun

4) DESCRIPTION:The lighting of this photo lends itself to a fun mood because the roughness of the skyscrapers has been taken away and they are bathed in almost like pastels, the edges being far less stark and more blurred, being forced into the background of this photo. The lights in the foreground give off somewhat gentle amber light instead of harsh white, and though the energy of the photo is not wild, or crazy, I get the idea of “fun” because in so gentle a setting things would not be taken so seriously, it would be hard to imagine the typical no-nonsense hustle and bustle of New York City is going on in, say, the unseen area below this photo, instead it makes more sense (though it is completely unrealistic) to imagine something fun, like a fair or carnival, going on below these lights.


Lighting Observation 1

  1. January 30th, 10:45am, Brooklyn
  2. Objective Description: There is sunlight coming through the bathroom window. The windows have a frosty glaze over them. It’s soft and you can see the blurred colors of the buildings and sky outside through the panes. There’s a glow in the room from the light reflecting off the tile.
  3. Subjective Description: The lighting creates a gentle mood. Relaxing and soft and trying to convince me to go back to bed once I finish my shower.

Marry The Night



This photo that I found on the web reminds me of (many) a drunken night spent in the city with friends. The slant, of course, creates the uncentered feeling that a few hours of partying will cause on the body. I love how the headlights from the cars make us feel like everything is in motion. Even at 3am, NYC is not sleeping — or even close to being quiet. The warm lights from what looks like a late-night diner are welcoming to many a soul who would regret not eating after the night’s debauchery. And even though it is a subtle addition, the few apartment lights on make me wonder what everyone was up to at this hour. Walking the city streets at night makes me feel larger than life, but something about this picture makes me feel small. Perhaps it is that I know that I will just be another apartment light that is on, or off, to anyone passing by.