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Photo Observation 3

I took this picture myself at Mineola when I went home last weekend.

Even though it was 6am when I took the picture, it reminded me of my favorite line from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. “I’ve walked down 5th Avenue at 6 in the morning but as far as I’m concerned that’s still night!” It was still so dark and I’d been up for an hour already so I was particularly cranky and exhausted.

Photo Observation #3

  1., Megan Alton
  2. Night Life
  3. I chose this photograph because when i think of night life i think of groups of people stumbling home after a long night of partying. I liked this photo because it does’t show anyones faces because when your walking in and out of people after a party you don’t really notice anyone else. Also, the somewhat blurry quality almost adds a certain affect of “stumbling” home.

Photo Observation


2. Me: Maggie Sullivan

3. The second this theme was assigned I knew exactly what I was going to take a picture of. Usually a cat, which I’ve named Pretchous, is easily spotted in the square in this photo. I went out to this exact spot almost every night this week to get a photo of this cat under this light for the night life theme. Sadly, she never showed up which I thought was odd until I found out some hot gossip from my suite mate. What I found was that the cat that normally sleeps under this warm and happy light is pregnant! I chose this photo for the night life theme because when I think of the night life here at Hofstra I think of all the little creatures that live here throughout the night, such as these cats. Even though Pretchous never showed up, this spot and the light she sleeps under always reminds me of the night life at Hofstra.


Photo Observation

2.       This photo came from a NY magazine.

Photographer: William P. Gottlieb

3. Theme: Night Life

4. Description: In this photo there are only a few lamp posts lighting the street. Most of the light is coming from the neon signs hanging from the buildings. The neon light is reflecting off of the water on the road, and shining on the cars. This light consists of many bright colors, bringing life to the street at night. This photo fits this theme because neon lights demonstrate that even at night, the city is still alive and bustling.

Heavenly, Awoken Excitement

SourcePhoto Courtesy of MGM Resorts International on Forbes Travel Guide (

Theme: Night Life

Description: Numerous spotlights are turned on, most are with a light blue-white gaze while four in the back are a light lavender. Each spotlight is going into a different direction, yet somehow is able to make a shape within the chaos. The environment around the light is a dark blue that is intensified by the crowd’s green glow props and green glowing parts of the environment. Most likely blacklight was used for this party scene.

Seeing this picture instantly raises my heartbeat and fills me with excitement. While this picture is a party, the way the lights and colors are arranged reminds me of a heavenly, welcoming place that fills you with joy. It makes me think of the song “Sleepyhead” by Passion Pit. This scene of light makes me want to continue staying awake.

Photo Observation 3

  1. I took this photo on January 5, 2016 (London, England)
  2. Theme: Night life
  3. This is Nightlife to me because I would always walk past Big Ben on the way back from the bars. I loved how the light would interact with the designs on the tower. the clock face always seemed to smile no matter what time of night it was.  🙂

Photo Observation

  1. The Magic Camera by Eve (WordPress blog)
  2. Theme: Nightlife
  3. When I think of night life, I immediately think of NYC (Times Square specifically), bright lights, and fast excitement.  While New York is always a hub of bright, exciting energy, the energy at night is so different, and I feel the lighting in this picture displays that perfectly.  I love the blur of the car lights because they’re moving so fast; I feel that’s the focal point and embodiment of night life in this picture.  The contrast between the black night and the bright, blinding lights of the billboards and marquees also are what make New York night life so unique.



Photo credit: Katie O’Keefe

Theme: Nightlife

Description: This is a photo I took on a bus trip down to DC last semester. I used the long exposure on my camera to capture the colors of the headlights going past in combination with the sun setting in the background. The whites and ambers really pop against the silhouetted background and are only further added to by the orange and gold hues in the sunset in the background. I liked how this imaged captured the hustle and bustle of DC at rush hour, showing everyone trying to get to wherever they were going to experience their own nightlife while I made my way to mine.

Photo Observation 2

Night Life


Taken: Online

Theme: Nightlife

Description: So, what struck me about this photo was the lack of color. Something about the entire photo being in black and white makes me feel more immersed with the nightlife theme. Also, the oncoming cars emitting the white light causing the streaks, was read by me as showing the busy nature of living in the city.

Photo Observation


Photo credit: Matthew Miller (found on Google)

Theme: Night life

Description: When I think of night life, I think of going out and doing something fun and exciting – like a concert! This is a picture taken at a Coldplay concert during the Mylo Xyloto tour (2011-2012). The neon, laser-like lights perfectly capture the energetic mood of the event. When you see lights like this, you know your night is going to be anything but dull.