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Photo Observation 3

Photo by NinoBeg via Wikimedia Commons


The nightlife is alien.  A separate world from the one that I exist in which there are no rules and the mere energy of the room is intoxicating.  This photo conveys that wild feeling I associate with nightlife and the overwhelming use of green transports me from my world into an entirely different place.

Photo Observation #3

Taken by me, December 30th 2016, a night club in London…

Theme: Night life

Laser beams shoot out across the room, cutting through the darkness and stirring the excitement into the air. Vibrant colours reel through the beam creating hypnotic patterns as mist swirls though the beam, giving the light life as if its dancing with the crowd below.

Photo Observation #3

2. This photo came from the blog of Dr. Guy C. Clark, a dentist in Albuquerque.

3. Night Life

4. Only a dark and mysterious silhouette of the two owls can be made out in front of a dark, dull gray-blue sky. The flash of the camera reflects a bright red, menacing glare from their eyes, giving a sense of uneasiness to an otherwise tranquil scene and sending chills up one’s spine. The owls stare, unmoving; they aren’t threatened by anyone or anything, because once the sun sets, the woods belong to them.

Photo Observation #3


3. Nightlife

4. When I think about nightlife I tend to think of a very crazy time with lots of people and lots of color. I really like this picture for that reason. The disco ball is a great change of focus but doesn’t distract from the picture as a whole and in my opinion it really enhances the colors from the lights. I also especially love the fact that there are very few repeating lights. It adds to the chaos and fun that I associate with nightlife.

Photo Observation 3

  1. This was taken by German photographer Lucas Zimmermann in 2014 as part of a project on traffic lights.
  2. Nightlife
  3. The long exposure of the colorful traffic lights lights up the night. I can imagine myself driving late at night after a rain storm and seeing the lights glow. It represents to me a feeling of freedom and adventure, which is what the nightlife is.

Party House Repetition with Primary Colors

  1. Location: House on Front Street, February 11, 2017 at 10:45 pm.
  2. Objective: A line of LED lights that illuminate red, then blue, and finally green, over and over. They are the only lights on, cascading the the small interior of the house party in the primary colors.
  3. Subjective: As the music and tight crowd was drowning me out, all I could see was the repeating colors of red, blue, and green. These repeating color changes, hurting my eyes with its repetition, made me think about all the times I had been at a party or one of the bars. I would go, arrive, drink, and then head home. Doing this same thing over and over again to find some connection or fulfillment. Sometimes I would, other times I would not. Yet staring into those primary lighting colors made me realize that I would do similar patterns for partying.

Photo Observation 3

  1. Flickr, Meir Jacob –
  2. Nightlife
  3. I specifically remember the night life in Tel Aviv when I was there this summer. People often think of Israel as very old-fashioned and religious, but Tel Aviv is completely different. I chose this picture in particular because the city looks a lot like modern American cities at night, and it kind of reminds me of New York. It shows that Tel Aviv has a bustling nightlife and contrasts the ideas that many people have in their minds of what Israel is like.

Brightness of Bangkok (Photo2)


Photo found here.


Bright colors in a variety of neon hues illuminate the near-black backdrop of the sky. This image of Bangkok at night illustrates a bustling nightlife filled with crazy adventures. The soft glow surrounding each bright, piercing neon sign reflects of off every surface, weaving a multi-colored fantasy of adventures waiting to happen.

Photo Observation 2



By: Me

THEME: Nightlife

DESCRIPTION: This is at Hollywood Studios at Disney World. Two years ago. This is a Christmas light display that wraps around the second half of the park. When you turn the color and see this display you have to stop in your tracks and take in everything. When people turn the corner, everyone stops in their tracks and takes in this beautiful site and just stand there in awe. This year was the last year they did the display and I am glad that this event had such a big impact on me.


Photo Observation- Nightlife


Photo Credit:

Theme: Nightlife

Description: This is a photo taken inside a diner looking out into the night. The windows are foggy and illuminated with the reflections of neon signs. There are two bench seats shown, but both are empty. I think this picture illustrates how lonely the night time can be. The energetic and colorful signs are contrasted with the sad, empty black seats that are also paired with an empty table. The glow coming from outside is almost inviting you to come outside and be a part of the excitement, but instead you stay in an just look out, all alone. When I first saw this picture I thought it was bright and beautiful, but after analyzing it further, I realized that although it is still beautiful, it is also quite melancholy.