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Photo observation 3

2) go-Montreal website

3) Nightlife

4) this photo, of a concert of some sort shows people sort of illuminated with pink, lavender and magenta light, with their hands silhouetted by light on stage.  The light on stage sort of draws the person looking at the photograph in, drawing them to the bright white lights and the beam of light it produces contrasted with the dark, purple and pink hues of the sky in the back, and the people in the foreground


Photo Observation #3 – Night Life

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  2. Theme: Night Life
  3. While I personally do not and have not engaged in such activities, one’s definition of “night life” can be associated with young people, particularly high school and college students, going out to party and have a good time with friends. Personally, there is something so intriguing to me about a group of people just coming together for such an occasion. Most likely, there would be music blaring through the speakers while everyone is jumping to the beat. The image depicting an explosion of light and color also makes it come across as a crazily fun experience.

Photo Observation #3

Location: Quebec City, Canada. nighttime.


I picked this photo because I like the effect the light string made on the street. At night time, everything that lights up spreads across the landscape. In this photo the lights have different levels of warmth so I can see how far each light travels. The string lights are higher up and make a strong beam directly below but the beam weakens then intensifies again when it gets to the next beam. The street lights spread is much more compact to the lamp post and below it, the beam does leak into that of the string lights.

This lighting gives off a joyous mood. The light is bright and playful. It reminds me of a carnival lighting back home in Massachusetts. I get a very welcoming feeling from the lighting in this photo. I picture this mood in one of those hallmark movies my mother always watches around Christmas time(although, there would probably be more snow).

Photo Observation #3

2) The photographer is Isaac loyall. In Washington DC, this photo was taking in one of the metro stations.

3) THEME: Nightlife

4) DESCRIPTION: Whenever I think of nightlife, I think about cities. And how do you get around cities? A subway or metro train. In the photo, the light is only coming from seemingly under the metro train and dimly from inside the train. It gives off a sort of creepy feeling because of how mysterious the train looks. It is mysterious not only because there are no people, but the majority of the picture is dark and scary looking because of the lighting. Having the lighting be dark gives context clues about when one might be at this metro station. When I think about traveling in the city at night, I tend to imagine a dark and slightly creepy train station. The lighting in this photo gives off such feelings.

Photo Observation #3

  1. Patrick Savalle (x)
    Taken October 31, 2004
    Canon EOS-1D Mark II
  2. Nightlife
  3. I really thought this image was a good fit for the nightlife theme because it showed the motion that goes on in many nightclubs/rave scenes. It looks like the lights are jump ropes and thought the way the green drags my eye all around the empty space above the party goers was very cool. Lastly, I enjoyed that even though it looks like there are curved lines with some of the lasers patterns, its an illusion–the implied line is made from the slow shutter speed, capturing the straight laser beam in many points as it oscillates.

Photo Observation #3

Title: “Miami Nightlife”

Photo Credits: BBC’s “A Guide to Miami Nightlife”

Location: Miami, Florida

Theme: Nightlife

There are amazing lighting qualities incorporated into this picture. The sunset above Ocean Drive is a mixture of different shades of blue and purple, and the hotels and restaurants all have their names lit up in neon blue and orange lights. The speed of the cars traveling on the street next to these restaurants is fast enough to make the cars turn into a blur and their headlights to create almost a horizontal line of a yellow/white light. Like New York City, Miami is a place where even in the nighttime, the city streets themselves look as if it’s daytime, but when you look at the sky, it’s dark. This picture shows how the buildings here have an old fashion architecture (early 1900s), but their lighting has helped to keep this city as one of the most popular places in the United States due to a series of modern lighting designs.


Photo Observation 3

Photo by NinoBeg via Wikimedia Commons


The nightlife is alien.  A separate world from the one that I exist in which there are no rules and the mere energy of the room is intoxicating.  This photo conveys that wild feeling I associate with nightlife and the overwhelming use of green transports me from my world into an entirely different place.

Photo Observation #3

Taken by me, December 30th 2016, a night club in London…

Theme: Night life

Laser beams shoot out across the room, cutting through the darkness and stirring the excitement into the air. Vibrant colours reel through the beam creating hypnotic patterns as mist swirls though the beam, giving the light life as if its dancing with the crowd below.

Photo Observation #3

2. This photo came from the blog of Dr. Guy C. Clark, a dentist in Albuquerque.

3. Night Life

4. Only a dark and mysterious silhouette of the two owls can be made out in front of a dark, dull gray-blue sky. The flash of the camera reflects a bright red, menacing glare from their eyes, giving a sense of uneasiness to an otherwise tranquil scene and sending chills up one’s spine. The owls stare, unmoving; they aren’t threatened by anyone or anything, because once the sun sets, the woods belong to them.

Photo Observation #3


3. Nightlife

4. When I think about nightlife I tend to think of a very crazy time with lots of people and lots of color. I really like this picture for that reason. The disco ball is a great change of focus but doesn’t distract from the picture as a whole and in my opinion it really enhances the colors from the lights. I also especially love the fact that there are very few repeating lights. It adds to the chaos and fun that I associate with nightlife.