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Lighting Observation #4: Fluorescent Ghosts

2/12/16 – 6:27pm – Hammer Lab

The fluorescent lights are reflected through the glass to appear to be a double set on the other side of the glass despite there not being any fluorescents there in those exact locations over there. There are some fluorescents on that side of the glass. The reflected lights seem to be faded slightly and float in a way.

Stale, ghostly, and ominous, the mirrored fluorescent lights feel oppressive like an army of evil jellyfish that has started flying across the land on a campaign of terror. Jellyfish would be more pleasant than these glowing boxes of off-white though. Two eyes can be seen to creep forth from the bulbs of the light and to beat down upon you. It is a scrutinizing gaze and an unforgiving one. Harsh and inhuman, the ghost lights are so many in number that they seem to be following or haunting people. They bleach the world; they engulf it in an intense brightness that is unvarying and plain. The nightmare of a futuristic society where people have lost their own individuality and creativity is felt in the glow of these lights. The lighting is bland, unnatural, and dead.

Photo Observation 5




3) Dreamlike, Calm

4) I trudged down the pier, my feet felt like sandbags. The clouds streamed in around my head, making the scene feel like I was approaching the judgment day. The water below me reflected the dark night sky, and I could see shapes moving beneath the water. I could only imagine what lay below the surface of the water- creatures from the darkest corners of my mind. I walked down the pier further, passing the dimly lit benches. Through the clouds, the waning daylight peeked through, reminding that soon, all would be dark and still. I continued on to the end of the pier, where my nightmares awaited in the house at the end. The boathouse, hidden in shadow, was my final destination. Then, I woke up.