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Photo Observation

2.       This photo came from a NY magazine.

Photographer: William P. Gottlieb

3. Theme: Night Life

4. Description: In this photo there are only a few lamp posts lighting the street. Most of the light is coming from the neon signs hanging from the buildings. The neon light is reflecting off of the water on the road, and shining on the cars. This light consists of many bright colors, bringing life to the street at night. This photo fits this theme because neon lights demonstrate that even at night, the city is still alive and bustling.

Photo Observation

  1. The Magic Camera by Eve (WordPress blog)
  2. Theme: Nightlife
  3. When I think of night life, I immediately think of NYC (Times Square specifically), bright lights, and fast excitement.  While New York is always a hub of bright, exciting energy, the energy at night is so different, and I feel the lighting in this picture displays that perfectly.  I love the blur of the car lights because they’re moving so fast; I feel that’s the focal point and embodiment of night life in this picture.  The contrast between the black night and the bright, blinding lights of the billboards and marquees also are what make New York night life so unique.

Photo Observation: Surreal


This is a photo I took during a production of Fuerza Bruta in NYC.

Theme: Surreal

Description: Bodies suspended in mid-air. A curtain of luminous and reflective foil-like material encasing the audience as a whole. The color’s, cools and warms of deep blues and entrancing pinks silhouette the bodies running horizontal to the ground against the backdrop effortlessly hung. The focus is solely on the bodies defying gravity while all other visionary senses seem overwhelmed, and an ethereal atmosphere takes over. Enchanting music relaxes the soul even more as you begin to feel as though you too are floating. The closest experience to a dream-like state while completely awake.


Lighting Observation

Time: 11:13 am

Date: 4/18/16

Location: Subway ACE-L’Train

Objective Description: The dim-lit trains running underground give off a bleak glow as the flicker with the movement of the train. Sparks can be seen jolting off the side of the walls in the darkest of areas.

Subjective Description: The screech of the tracks brings a discomforting feeling as the dim and yellowed fluorescents flicker with unabiding inconsistency. The darkness of the tunnels is only amplified with the dimness of the train. Fellow passengers zombies in their own world, avoid eye contact, making the underground an even colder place. Against black walls of concrete,  blue and yellow would streak across the window. Sparks off the tracks creating what seemed like the only presence of warmth within a dark and foreign containment.

Lighting Observation: 4/15

Date: 4/10/16

Time: 2:30 pm

Location: The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York; The Sackler Wing

Objective Description: The natural light from the sun streamed through the clear-glass panel windows, illuminating the entire room.

Subjective Description: Rays of sunlight glisten across a pool of blue water. Ripples run through the serene edge with reflections waverting…colonies of coins and wishes lost. Artifacts of an ancient Egyptian life, living once more. The radiating heat from the sun’s convection beats against the yellow-colored bricks beckoning an ancient burial tomb. A real-life recreation of what it may have looked like in its prime place of origin. The room felt warm just by looking at it. History is alive.

Lighting Observation: 3/11

Date: 3/5/2016

Time: 6:30 PM

Location: Bocca Di Bacco Restaurant NYC

Objective Description: The sun was going down, however, the restaurant was completely dark inside as there was only one window towards the front of the restaurant. My family and I were seated in the back and once the sun was completely down, they dimmed the lights and lit each table with candles as the main source of illumination.

Subjective Description: A dark warm, however, warm and inviting. The atmosphere lit with soothing and glowing flickers from the center of each dark, wooden table. The menus barely legible under the dimly lit flourescents hanging overhead. Each person placed on each side of the table laughed with a glow that I had not seen in quite some time. Lit from beneath, each person’s features were eccentuated with shadow and orange glow from the burning flame centered on the table. Quite a contrast from the burning flame illuminating the dark and dingy vaults of Edinurgh, but rather an inviting atmosphere with warmth of joy and company.

Lighting Observation: 3/4

Date: 2/28/16

Time: 3:34 pm

Location: The Highline NYC

Objective Description: The sun has just started to go start it’s quick decent into the evening and just across the Highline, the Statue of Liberty could be seen. The sun was hitting it at such an angle that it was both reflecting off of it and creating a silhouette.

Subjective Description: The cool breeze sent chills across the spine as the warm sun opposed such sensations from the unusual heat of its rays on that warm February day. The sky was illuminated with hues of blues and pale yellows, revealing a pale pink gradient that painted the afternoon sky. The reflection of an object in the distance emphasized by the sun’s intensity left you no choice but to focus on that singular figure in the middle of a sparkling blue body of water. The silhouette of a woman reaching out towards the sky looked as if she was lighting her torch from the power of the Sun’s burning glow. Liberty was prominent.

Photo Observation 5



3) THEME: Fun

4) DESCRIPTION:The lighting of this photo lends itself to a fun mood because the roughness of the skyscrapers has been taken away and they are bathed in almost like pastels, the edges being far less stark and more blurred, being forced into the background of this photo. The lights in the foreground give off somewhat gentle amber light instead of harsh white, and though the energy of the photo is not wild, or crazy, I get the idea of “fun” because in so gentle a setting things would not be taken so seriously, it would be hard to imagine the typical no-nonsense hustle and bustle of New York City is going on in, say, the unseen area below this photo, instead it makes more sense (though it is completely unrealistic) to imagine something fun, like a fair or carnival, going on below these lights.


Times Square – Tia


2) Photo credit to Hyacinth Millington (my mom)

3) Theme: Night life

4) This photo is  a picture of Times Square around 10pm on a summer night. My mom took this picture on our trip to NY when I was looking for schools to attend for college. The picture itself is full of life from the various colors of all of the lights to the ridiculous amount of people that are shuffling through the streets. This photo fits the theme because it clearly shows nightlife.

Photo Observation: Amusement


Source: Me

This is from one of my first trips to the city. The sheer amount of light and color simultaneously overwhelmed me and filled me with wonder. It’s almost blinding to look at in the photo because all the bright lights are reflecting off all the surfaces. This is a busy and crowded environment that screams entertainment and life. Even if you’re not doing anything in particular, the stimuli alone is enough to amuse. Looking at this picture, it’s easy to imagine how everything on the ground moved even after the snapshot was taken.