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Photo Observation


3. Theme: Summer

4. When I think of summer I always think of car rides to the beach. I have to admit, the beach is not my favorite location, but the long car ride to the shore with the windows down is something that can’t be beat. The sun peaking through the trees and the salty smell of the ocean coming through the car window is something I find to be so therapeutic. What I like the most about the lighting in this photo is the glare in the bottom left corner. This reminds me of the glare you see on the bottom of your sunglasses.

Photo Observation 2

  1. 123RF Stock Photos
  2. Cold
  3.  I thought this photo did a decent job in showing how the lighting changes based on the season. By comparing the bright sunny and warm lighting of the ocean scape during the warmer months to the dark depressing and frigid winter months, it really makes the winter picture feel colder to me than it would on its own.

Spoopy Observation

IMG_1884.JPG Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 2.20.29 AM

Photo taken by: Me, Myrtle Beach, SC August 2014

Theme: Spooky

I managed to get a picture of the lighting striking out over the ocean. There were three storms taking place on the sea lighting up the sky, and the water. The shadows of the clouds appeared calming yet terrifying from such powerful storms.

Photo Observation: Cold Lighting in a Movie


This photo is from the blog, which took it in turn from the motion picture Pan’s Labyrinth.

The theme is cold, and the lighting is cold in this still image.

The lighting spreads a cool blue wash over the scene which gives a feeling of coldness to the beholder. It is like an ocean’s wave’s tears have gone and made themselves at home in the scene, but the tear drops do not fall everywhere. They leave some shadow to contrast the hue of the watery lighting. Due to their hue, soft illumination, and saturation, the wave’s tears, the lighting, might actually subconsciously induce feelings of cold. The lighting contains such a gloomy cold feeling that it touches the mind and instinctively prepares it for darker emotions like those that one might feel after watching someone suffer. The feelings of the lighting are sad, cold, and isolated. This lighting would fit well with a scene of someone stranded in the tundra. It is so cold that it can be seen as being devoid of the warm sunny day and something of the cold, dark night.

Photo Observation – Shadow #7



3. Shadow

4. The sun is shining down on a couple that casts long shadows on to the sandy shore. The contrast of the dark silhouettes pops against the pale blue ocean. The light sand brings out the shadows giving them a deep focus. The two young people are shrouded in darkness. Despite the lack of detail, the characteristics of color and their surroundings make it apparent of their love for each other.

Photo Observation #7- I Like Turtles

Masa Ushioda took this picture for

Theme: Portrait or Strong Central Figure

I like turtles. It has been posted as my status countless times. My friends and I have a running joke that every time we hack someone’s Facebook we make their status “I like turtles”. I am not sure why, but it’s what we do. The thing is, I do like turtles. They are very majestic and protected creatures. I think it would be wonderful to just retreat into a shell whenever I felt threatened, a way to cut ties with the outside world and self-reflect for the time being. The only thing that I find wrong with that image is the fact that I face the world head on because I have no place to hide away, so I constantly fight to swim. The turtle in this picture is the focus and it shows all of his wonderful qualities such as his protective shell. The lighting gives him a positive effect. He is bathed in light from above and below, there is no darkness for him. He seems ready to fight anyone in his path and is not going to stop for anyone. The overcast light from the surface makes the focus that much richer. Even though this turtle has a shell, he is not using it to hide from the world, he charges on. He is not going to stop because he is fighting to swim. In many cases, I am this turtle and I can feel an attachment to this beautiful creature. This turtle is a survivor. He stops for no one. I like turtles.

Photo Observation

I took this picture of a sunset over the summer. I was struck by the way the light pierced through the clouds making it look as though the sky was on fire. Yet the clouds directly in front of the sun are still in shadow, a siloutte in the forground, lending dimension to the image. The light was reflecting on the tops of the water only, creating depth to the shadows and motion of the waves. The colors of the sunset reflect in the wet sand, which looked as smooth as glass and glowed orange along the beach, reminding me of a  watercolor painting.

Photo Observation!


THEME: Sunrise/Sunset

The bright yellow of the sun itself pervades not only the sky but is beautifully reflected in the water, putting me in mind of water color paint when it runs on a canvas. The dark clouds add a pleasant contract to the otherwise sparkling picture. I really appreciate how the foreground is completely unfocused, making me think of the sunspots you get in your eyes when you look at it for too long. The way the sunlight tips the tops of the waves makes the ripples in the ocean that much more prominent, almost as if the contrast of the clouds are reflected in the contrast of the ocean.