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Lighting Moment #5

1. 26, February 11:32 am

2. I was sitting in my room, typing up a paper with the overhead lights off and the blinds open, and I looked to the left where the tungsten lights from the hallway came in from the cracks in my doorway.

3. I simply glanced over at my piece of paper that was lying on the lefthand side of my desk with the outline to the one I was writing, and the harsh glow of the artificial lighting from the hallway made a disgusting glow into my room. The nice blue drifting in from the window was peaceful, real looking, and against the harsh contrast of the orange light from the hallway, it lost its beauty and started to look cold and sick. It was almost infuriating to have something so beautiful and natural rendered to nothing when put in sharp contrast with another that is artificial and grotesque.