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Lighting Observation #8: Mood Lighting in the Booth

11 March 2016-3:41pm-Colonial Square East Dorm Security Booth and Desk

The sun shines through the window suddenly and illuminates details and causes shadows that weren’t there a moment ago.

The light makes the the window look musty and dirty; like a portal to an older time when windows aren’t clean as much. It gives a a bluish and greenish tint to the pages of my notebook like they are sick with some sort of deadly illness, and it causes many shadows that emphasize the edges of things like lighting a human face to point out wrinkles and age. Overall, the lighting gives a feeling of oldness and allows reflection on the past and present with the tone that it gives to the room and its objects. The light’s reflections off of the binder ring of the binder with the names of the residents in it also add a feeling of magic. It makes the room transform into a timeless place and it causes  reminiscent thoughts. In this moment, the lighting is like that which might be used in a flashback scene in a film. It makes the entire world resemble an old book with its soft and yet powerful light. The light is also golden like the yellowed pages of a book. It shimmers and the shadows flicker a little bit adding to the dream-like quality and feeling of being transported to another time. The distribution of the light comes from the window behind the desk and fills up only about half of the booth where I sit at the desk. It does not touch the cool half of the booth with the exit to the outside world The lighting is reflexive, questioning time, the past, and my perception of these objects with its qualities. The lighting has a feeling of being old and looking back, a feeling of reminiscence.

Photo Observation: Fun


I took this photo at the Old Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Theme: Fun

Description: Lights beaming from every direction, this luminous strip brings life to an entirely new spectrum. Reds, oranges, yellows, purples, blues and greens all combine to form a technicolor dream of displays. The bright colors and fluid projections send an uncontrollable wave of excitement and curiosity through the thick, warm air. Only the colorful blasts, however, can penetrate the dry heat from a boiling day. Stimulating colors brighten the night sky and awaken any tired eyes that remain.

Lighting Observation #9

1. March 31st 2014, at around 8 on my block.

2. The lampposts on my block. One in particular: A flickering light post. They had an orange and yellow glow around a dark area.

3. On Old Post Drive, you can walk down the block in a beautifully illuminated area. Each step you take is lit up by towering light posts that cast pale shades of orange. They leave very faint circles of light on the floor so late night joggers can see in the dark night sky. One area of my block wasn’t bright as the rest of it. A flickering lamppost kept casting rays of light that lasted for seconds. When the light was on, the sidewalk was lit to perfection with faint glows of orange. When the lamppost was off, part of the block was lost in darkness.

Photo Observation Week #8: Dealer’s Choice

Dealers Choice

2) Photo by flickr user Ballygrant Boy on March 7th 2013 at Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, CA.

3) Theme: Dealer’s Choice: Old

4) While looking for a photo for this theme, I was browsing the explore section of flickr. The lighting in this photo struck me immediately. It felt like a vintage photograph, but was clearly taken by a modern camera. It was the lighting that made this effect. The brighter, more concentrated light in the middle is circular, and does not extend to the corners of the picture, leaving a grey, burnt feeling border. This immediately created the sense of age, as though the edges of the light were to tired to make it to the edges of the world, or the edges were withering with age. I also loved the layers of light and shadow that stretch horizontally across the painting. None of the light is bright or shocking, but it’s calm and full of layers and history.


Light Observation 2 Devin Gee

1)   3/29/11- 9:00 pm- The stoop of the Emily Lowe building.

2)   The two old fashioned looking lights that light up the entrance of Lowe.

3)   I noticed that almost every light on Lowe is a yellowish light except for the two lights that light up the entrance.  These two lights look like old-fashioned gas lamps and it really makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time.  The light is white which is unusual but in contrast with the yellow it is interesting to look at.  They put out a very ominous kind of light and while walking into Lowe it almost feels like a flashback or that you’re going back in time.  I never really noticed them before but now every time I enter Lowe I think of old times when they had those kinds of lights outside of a lot of the buildings and they would come around and individually light them every night.  These lights send me back in time, every time I look at them now.