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Light Observation #2

  1. 8 February 2018//6:22 pm//Student Center Hospitality Desk–looking into the hallway.
  2. There is a led scrolling light sign on the exterior of the card services office. It alternates between red text and green text, but is most often red. It is bright enough that it throws a considerable amount of light onto the other hallway wall. It is a non specific shape that is on the ceiling and opposite wall of which the intensity lessens from the center out. The intensity also undulates as the words stream across the sign in different lengths altering the number of lights used/illuminating the opposite wall.
  3. This light feels discouraging. It reminds me of a post on a moody aesthetic blog where there is only a chair in a white room with dramatic colored lighting. The other situation I could liken it to is that of an empty bar…a neon light illuminating an empty space on a slow night. Its kind of harrowing really. The red is such a contrast to the white wall and it is hard not to notice it…it gives off a vibe of “I’ll just be over here…waiting…if anyone cares?” I would love to use this lighting on a lyrical modern dance piece that is lonely bar, this association with this light really has my imagination going.

Light Observation #2

1. 6:50 AM, February 2nd 2014. 9th floor, Alliance Hall.

2. The dense fog outside the window and the lights of the buildings and parking lot.

3. As I opened the window blinds in my dorm room, I saw nothing but the cold mist filling the morning air and blocking the view. The window that gave me a great view of the sunset the day before has suddenly become a magic mirror with the ominous gradation of color changing from pink and purple to blue and white. I could see the faint warm lights of the buildings outside floating like spirits and fairies. The mysterious sight reminded me of the Stephen King horror film, The Mist, and Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Feeling a little frightened, I closed the blinds again.

Photo Observation – The Blue Fog

  1. I found this photo while procrastinating. Sadly, there was no author connected to the photo. It was part of a compilation of photos.(The link is
  2. COLD
  3. This picture, while the scene itself does not seem cold, the color and light gives off a cold emotion. The lonesome bench sits there, surrounded by an ominous blue fog. The tree’s dark branches hovering over, judging from afar. The pink on the ground and in the trees is warm, but it is this warmth that magnifies the cold emotion in the blue fog. The eye is drawn to it. There is no life, there is no presence. The sense of emptiness is enhanced by the open space filled with the blue light. The dark bench has no life to it. It seems so lifeless, nothing but an inanimate object in this light. The blue fog acts like a border, keeping the warmth of pink away. The pink in the background cannot even penetrate the blue fog. Imagine sitting on the bench, cuddled up on one side, stretching your coat over your legs to stay warm just like you used to do as a child. You feel cold, caused by the actual temperature or by the absence of lively substance. This lighting could be applied to the stage. This could create a cold social scene. The tree colors representing innocent bystanders surrounding the fog of baren existence. In the middle of this fog sits an old man, totally forgotten by his family. Everyone around him goes on with their lives, paying no attention to him as if he is not even there. He feels alone and cold, recounting old memories. He feels a shiver in his spine. The loneliness has set in and has transformed into physical feelings. His sadness is chilling. He views the people around him as an illusion. Surrounding yourself in happiness does not make you happy; it makes you envious of others. His cold fog will grow and push those that he cares about away. Eventually, he reaches a hypothermic stage of depression, and dies. No one notices though, the scene still seems as lifeless as it did before.