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Photo Observation #8

  2. Spooky
  3. This photo is spooky because of the creepy Halloween Jack-o-lantern carvings, but more importantly because of the shapes and colors of the light and shadows that the pumpkins create. The light shining through the flesh of the pumpkin has a soft orange and red glow, which establishes a feeling of fear and unease. Also, the shapes of the pumpkins and their carvings create ominous patterns of shadows on the walls that make everything seem mysterious, uncertain, and deceptive.


Light Observation #6

  1. Looking out my dorm room window towards Oak Street on March 9 at 5:30pm.
  2. I was looking out at a slight sunset over the trees, but the sky was mostly still blue witth only a little bit of faded orange towards the bottom. The moon as also visible, as well as a few clouds.
  3. Looking out the window at the end of a long day, I couldn’t help but feel like the sky mirrored by feeling of weariness as the big heavy mass of blue put all of its weight on the faint glow of orange at the horizon. The shadow of the barren trees only added to the dreary scene. But way up in the sky there were some faint clouds and a vibrant white moon that provided a glimmer of brightness and hope.

Lighting Observation #4

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: Feb 21st, 12am, my room.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: One of my roommates has her desk light on across the room.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Darkness…almost. One sliver of bright to keep me awake. As I try to drift off I can sense the light from across the room. It bounces from wall to wall crawling up trying to bathe the entire room in light. I’d like to snuff out that light. It’s orange glow keeps me awake as I try my hardest to relax and sleep. Any other time this light would be welcome, would be relaxing but right now there’s only one word for it: annoying.

Light observation

Monday, 1o pm. Location: My dorm overlooking the student center

Objective Orange street light shines through my dirty dorm window. my glasses halo the beam.

subjective: An irritating orange glow shines in my eye. It bounces off of my glasses frame into my eye constantly proving it will not be ignored, despite multiple room configurations- and no the blinds do not block it.  I turn, to confront the light, it stretches out never brighter just more annoying. It highlights how dirty my window is, through no fault of my own its dirty on the outside. I never thought a light could be so annoying.

Light Observation 2

  1. Wednesday February 8th 4:00pm The Peacock Lounge at NBC Studios.
  2. On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to get tickets to see a taping of The Tonight Show. After we we admitted into the studio we were put in a waiting area in the studio called the Peacock Lounge. In addition to some couches and some curtains, there were dozens of monitors all around the room with pictures from previous guests on the show that changed every few seconds. However, the lighting in the room was very special. The ceiling was lit around the edges with orangey yellow light and there were 4 pillars in the room that would change from blue to orange as the monitors changed around them as well.
  3. The lights that illuminated most of the room were a warm and happy orangey yellow color. It was almost as if a sunrise was peaking out from a ledge just beneath the entire edge of the ceiling. Then each of the four pillars in the room had interchanging blue and orange light on two sides and a monitor with pictures from the show on the other two sides. As the colors and photos changed I felt starstruck. The lighting of the Peacock Lounge made me feel special and excited to be a part of something so magical.

Photo Observation #1

  1. Photo taken by Eric Girouard in Ontario, Canada, 2013

  1. Sunrise/Sunset
  1. This photo of a sunrise over Niagara Falls captures the soothing yet powerful motion of the falls. The blue green water feels and looks frigid in comparison to the intense warmth radiating from the yellow and orange sun. The light in the picture makes it seem like the perfect most peaceful place to be would be floating in the cloud of white mist where the cool water droplets enclose your body but you can still feel the powerful warm glow of the sun.



3. Sunset/Sunrise

4. The positioning of the bird’s nest frames the sun to enhance the sunrise. The colors of the sky caused by the sun combined with the birds making their nest remind me of spring and give the impression of warmth.  The way the plant below and next to the nest appear to be blowing in the wind.  The overall sense of the photo is warmth near the coast.


Photo credit to Michael Dinneen Photography, Anchorage, Alaska.  

Theme: Sunrise/set

This photo is a sunrise over Alaska. The mist over the water is mixed with the smoke of a near by forest fire. The plane is going back to the fire, with all the potential of a new day and the beauty of this photo there is a lingering feeling that it is more a continuation of the previous night for the person in the plane.









Photo Observation 1

This picture was taken by me on January 7, 2014 on the 210 freeway headed west.


The sunset was very orange, more than I had ever seen, and I remember looking at it and getting excited because we were on our way to LA to see The Lion King at the Pantages Theatre. The sunset reminded me a lot of the sunrise at the beginning of the movie. It filled the sky so there was no color other than the orange and yellow from the sunset. It reflected off all the cars sitting in traffic with us, making it hard to see because everything was so bright.

Photo Observation


Photo Credit: John Poppleton, (Check out this link, all of the photographs are really cool.)

Theme: Surreal

Description: The first thing I think of in terms of lighting when I hear surreal is blacklights, or UV lights. UV light looks crazy, like someone took normal light and turned it on its head. It makes the subjects look very strange and almost alien-esque.

This is surreal because the sunset is not something you typically see on a human body, and the human body isn’t usually blue, either. The blacklight cast on the woman’s back makes a sharp contrast between her plain skin and the painting, so it really comes to life. The orange light in front of her mixes with the blue color on her body and mimics the some of the pink and purple colors in the painting in her face and hair. It looks very otherworldly and surreal.