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Lighting Observation

Thursday 6pm, my dorm.

My dorm room on an overcast late afternoon

The sky is gray but the sun is desperately trying to shine through. With my blinds up my small room is still well lit. Every object has a grayish hue to it. Everything is calm.

Light Observation #7

1. Tuesday, March 11, 2014: 8 am

2. I woke up (rather late, unfortunately) and didn’t think it could be the time it was because it was rather dim outside.

3. I looked out the windows and just felt exhausted. Not because I hadn’t slept, but because the overcast heavy sky just felt sleepy. The clouds muted the world around them and everything felt heavy. It was almost unsettling, the claustrophobic feeling that came across me with this heavy, bright but not bright, dark but not dark feeling. It was strange – just not right. I kept waiting for the sun to shine through or something so that the world wouldn’t seem so shut off and desolate.