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Photo Observation #6

  1. This is a photo by Rick Anderson found at
  1. HAPPY!
  1. Somewhere in Central Park, a joyful and fun-filled day is coming to a close. The sun is still bright; it soaks the park-goers in a warm glow of friendship, relaxation, and happiness. Both the leaves from the trees and the balloons from the picnic are saturated with the sun’s powerful radiance that creates a map of colors across the grass. Slowly, the light is fading away, but the happiness of the day will linger when it is gone.

Photo Observation 1




Theme: Sunrise/Sunset

Description: This was taken when i was walking on the boardwalk at Sunken Meadow State Park. My family usually always goes to see the sunset in the summer. There is nothing like feeling the energy and warmth of the sun as it goes down. As it comes down to your line of vision, you cant help but stop in your tracks and appreciate this beautiful scene. It is amazing how warm, calm, happy, excited, emotion, ect. a sunset can make you feel