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Photo Observation

single source artificial light

This picture stood out to me because the shadow of the girl’s figure is so distorted due to the angle of light, and instead of being the typical light illuminating a figure in darkness, this still seemed to be a single source of light, but illuminated the entire shot, leaving the shadow as a negative space. The light still seems to be artificial however, as it is on about the same plane as the figure. If I had to give this photo an “idea” or meaning it would be that there is far more to a person beyond the surface and the physical, as suggested by the girl’s shadow being far larger than her body.

Photo Observation 5



3) THEME: Fun

4) DESCRIPTION:The lighting of this photo lends itself to a fun mood because the roughness of the skyscrapers has been taken away and they are bathed in almost like pastels, the edges being far less stark and more blurred, being forced into the background of this photo. The lights in the foreground give off somewhat gentle amber light instead of harsh white, and though the energy of the photo is not wild, or crazy, I get the idea of “fun” because in so gentle a setting things would not be taken so seriously, it would be hard to imagine the typical no-nonsense hustle and bustle of New York City is going on in, say, the unseen area below this photo, instead it makes more sense (though it is completely unrealistic) to imagine something fun, like a fair or carnival, going on below these lights.


Photo Observation

1) amusement-parks-1


3) “Amusement”

4) When it comes to amusement, I immediately think of Disney World. I can remember going there as a child and being awed at every corner I took. At night, the lit-up castle displayed such beauty and color, and it was as if I could feel the magic in the air. I remember going on rides, being afraid, but at the same time, having this sense of confidence in myself. I felt as if I was on top of the world, and no one could touch me. It was this feeling of amusement, and moreso true happiness that made this an experience that I will remember forever.



Photo #6



This photo I find particularly inspiring for many reasons. For one, I have found the concept of space and space exploration inspiring and exciting all my life. Most importantly, I think the composition of the photo is inspiring. The sun peaking out over the earth shines as a beacon of light that motivates you to be the best you can. It slowly starts to illuminate the Earth, which is like illuminating the your path, and showing that the world is yours to conquer.

Photo Observation 4



3) Lonely

4) The single spotlight struggles to shine its light through the blackness from above. All around it is just the darkness. It is completely alone, isolated from everything by the darkness which overwhelms the scene. Even still, it shines it light, and does the job for which it was intended. The light appears almost alive, and to me, seems almost melancholy for its lack of companionship with other light. Even still, it continues to shine.

Photo Observation #3




2.  Theme: Nightlife

3.  The lighting in this photo accurately portrays “nightlife” in a variety of different ways. The neon street signs in a huge array of colors are a huge point. They show off the city’s street and advertise the life within the city. The brightness of the signs and buildings juxtaposed to the black sky create a contrast that emphasizes the colors and shapes. The signs and light all try to sell you to the exuberant life within that city.

Photo Observation #7



3) Theme: Hot

4) This picture signifies hot to me because just looking at the photo makes you think of a desert or a warm locations where the sun is shining. The sun is bright yellow and the sky is an orange color. Also, there is a huge glare that makes you blink if you look in the middle of the sun. This picture signifies hot because the sun raises the temperature outside during the day. It looks like this is a picture of a desert sky and the sun is finally starting to set after a long, hot day. Also, the different colors of the sky, reminds me of the color of fire, an amber like tone. All of these things, sun, fire, heat have to do with this week’s theme.