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Photo #1 Sunset

Red Sky at Night, Shepard’s Delight

Photo taken by me, December 23rd 2016 at Heathrow Airport.

Theme: Sunset

The highlights and shadows of the suns rays give the clouds the appearance of crashing waves across the sky crashing towards the horizon, as the setting suns glow spreads across the horizon like light reflecting on the sea.

Light Observation

Time: Wednesday evening

Objective Description: The sun was setting, and it turned the grad hall a soft shade of pink.

Subjective Description: Unfortunately, I can’t see the sunset from my room. However, I can always tell when the sun is setting because the grad hall, which I can see from my room, turns a romantic shade of pink. It makes the brick look much more softer and welcoming. The buildings and campus of Hofstra are already beautiful, but take on a completely new and wonderful feel in the pink light of the sunset.

Light Observation

Time: Sunday evening, around 5:30

Objective Description: I saw a beautiful orange and pink sunset, and when I looked at it again a few minutes later, it had changed to vibrant red.

Subjective Description: As I was leaving Michaels, I looked to the left to see an amazing sunset on the horizon. The sky was a vibrant wash of orange and pink. I attempted to take a picture of it, but the picture couldn’t even come close to capturing its majesty. I looked at the sunset a few minutes later and it had changed completely. It was now nearly the same attention-grabbing red as the stoplights on the road. I couldn’t believe how drastically the sky changed in a matter of minutes. The sunset was such a beautiful surprise and a reminder that change can happen quickly but often has wonderful results.

Light Observation 7

1) Feb  26, ~2:00 AM; my room

2) My roommate’s and my pink Christmas lights.

3) I woke in a daze when my roommate returned to our room in the middle of the night. I was very confused and don’t remember why I got out of bed, but I do remember seeing the room entirely in pink light. My roommate and I both have pink Christmas lights strung across our room so that one can sleep while the other can see. I remember that everything was pink–my roommate’s face and clothes were both pink. In addition, we have a lot of pink objects in our room that popped and were enhanced from the entirely pink light. We have two large rugs on our floor that are deep pink. It was disorienting; in my sleepy daze I wasn’t sure which way was up. The lack of differentiation between the floor, walls, and ceiling did not help.

Neon Night Lights

Theme: Night Life



I chose this picture because it invited me into a fun story. The intense neon colors, the cracks in the pavement and walls, the steps leading into the dark–all of it screams debauchery and vice. What I see here is a trashy hole-in-the-wall venue that may be fun, scary or both. The picture is taken in such a way that the “WATCH YOUR STEP” is shown, but the actual letters on the sign aren’t. The irony of those words combined with the blur of the sign and the blackness of what’s beneath make this photo feel dangerous, but the myriad of color suggests a fun danger. This is enticing. The lights create a clever color fade effect, as they get colder the farther down you go. I think walking through this would feel like walking from a pink daylight (a time of routine and structure) into a blue night (a time of fun and release).

Lighting Observation #11

1. 4/22/14 at around 11:30 at my friend Anthony’s house.

2. Christmas lights hung around his pitch black room. One strand is colored. The other sides of his room are completely dark.

3. Recently my friend moved into a new place that has quite a few problems. One of them being that most of the light blubs were burnt out. Because of this, his room gets shrouded in darkness at night. To eliminate some of the darkness, he uses two long strands of Christmas lights. Two sides of the room is illuminated with a row of colored lights that leave small traces of color on the wall. They leave the wall lit with faint reds, bright yellows, rich greens, brilliant blues, and soft pinks. They occasionally flicker leaving a small portion of the wall in darkness. However, these dimmed lights strikingly light up half of his room very well.  These shining lights are a beauty to look at, with their faint twinkle that brighten the black of the night. We almost don’t want regular lights in his room.

Light Observation #12 – Hofstra Gala

May 3rd, 8PM, Hofstra Gala

My friends martini began to shine in the ambient light.

I was lucky enough to be invited to Hofstra Gala, the biggest event Hofstra has every year to ensure its scholarship endowment. It was a fun night of dressing fancy and eating food that I wondered why Lackman didnt serve to us normally. Nonetheless, we entered the arena to find it completely changed and transformed. It was beautiful. There were intelligent lights that kept slowly rotating and changing gels. My friend went to get a pink martini and while she was holding it, the light was shining through the glass. The pink concoction began to glow. It seemed so pure and hopeful. It made the martini look more appetizing as well. I think light has a huge influence on food and drink. It can make us hungry or thirsty. Right away, I wanted a martini, which was a problem because it is illegal for me to consume alcoholic beverages at my age. The pink color became alive and started to dance around in her glass. It seemed like something this beautiful cannot be controlled, but there it was, in her martini glass.

Lighting Observation 8.2

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 3/19/12 – 7:23 – In Roosevelt Quad walking out of ABP

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking out of ABP after a nice dinner with Athena. We were walking towards Lowe for rehearsal. We were walked under the cherry blossom trees in the quad and I looked up. The safety light that was on one of the buildings and lighting the pink flowers from the side with orange light. The sky had a slight touch of blue to it and contrasted with the colors of the light and flowers.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was leaving ABP with Athena after a long day of classes and homework. I had a pretty rough day on Monday and was feeling stressed from many different angles. After a relaxing dinner of hardly anyone in ABP the two of us began to walk to Lowe for Spring Awakening rehearsal at 7:00. The sun had set but there was still a slight glow that was pumping the sky with a deep, dark rich hue of deep sea blue all across the sky just as Venus and Mars were beginning to show across the night sky. We passed under the cherry blossom trees outside of Roosevelt and I saw the most calming image that I had seen all day.

As I stood under the cherry blossom tree I stopped walking and stared at the petals that were filling the branches. One of the safety lights that was placed near the roof of the business school was pointed directly at the tree. The light being cast from the lamp was a deep and saturated orange glow that when it hit the pedals it became a more peach color as it reflected off of the vibrant pink of the blossoms. I stopped and looked up to see where the light was coming from because it appeared so stunning and pure as it hit the petals. I was shocked to realize that this sidelight was so orange and frankly unflattering as it left the light fixture. With these dramatically, side-lit blossoms appearing to almost glow I noticed how much they contrasted with deep dark blue that was behind it. The dramatic lighting and interesting side light that changed so dramatically when it hit the petals became so enhanced by the dark blue background and all I could do was stand in awe as I took in the beautiful springtime image that was hanging above me.


Photo Observation – The Blue Fog

  1. I found this photo while procrastinating. Sadly, there was no author connected to the photo. It was part of a compilation of photos.(The link is
  2. COLD
  3. This picture, while the scene itself does not seem cold, the color and light gives off a cold emotion. The lonesome bench sits there, surrounded by an ominous blue fog. The tree’s dark branches hovering over, judging from afar. The pink on the ground and in the trees is warm, but it is this warmth that magnifies the cold emotion in the blue fog. The eye is drawn to it. There is no life, there is no presence. The sense of emptiness is enhanced by the open space filled with the blue light. The dark bench has no life to it. It seems so lifeless, nothing but an inanimate object in this light. The blue fog acts like a border, keeping the warmth of pink away. The pink in the background cannot even penetrate the blue fog. Imagine sitting on the bench, cuddled up on one side, stretching your coat over your legs to stay warm just like you used to do as a child. You feel cold, caused by the actual temperature or by the absence of lively substance. This lighting could be applied to the stage. This could create a cold social scene. The tree colors representing innocent bystanders surrounding the fog of baren existence. In the middle of this fog sits an old man, totally forgotten by his family. Everyone around him goes on with their lives, paying no attention to him as if he is not even there. He feels alone and cold, recounting old memories. He feels a shiver in his spine. The loneliness has set in and has transformed into physical feelings. His sadness is chilling. He views the people around him as an illusion. Surrounding yourself in happiness does not make you happy; it makes you envious of others. His cold fog will grow and push those that he cares about away. Eventually, he reaches a hypothermic stage of depression, and dies. No one notices though, the scene still seems as lifeless as it did before.