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Lighting Observation

1) 3/26/14, Student Center Front Cafe, 9:25 PM

2) The light from Sbarro reflecting

3) I looked up and saw before me a glistening sheet of metal. As the generic yellow track lighting in Sbarro reflected off of their overhead vent, the light changed, and produced beautiful lines all around. All around, the room was illuminated, as the transformed yellow light bounced off of the vent. The light, no longer harsh, reflected back off of the scrim like curtain that blocks the window. The entire scene was beautiful, until I realized the danger of the place before me. Calories. ‘Nuff said.


Light Observation #9

1) 4/4/2013, 12:45pm, Bits & Bytes

2) In Bits & Bytes, I was in line holding my two slices of pizza. Reflecting off of the cheese on the pizza were the lights above me.

3) The pizza’s cheese captured the lights above. It held the light on itself, and took on a plastic-like quality. The cheese became artificial. It was fake. Once the lights touched it, it became something else. A children’s plastic pizza toy to go along with a kitchen play-set. It was no longer itself, but merely an imitation of what it once was.