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The Eye of Peer Gynt

Surreal light diagram

Source: Me from April 8, 2016 at the New Academics Black Box Theater

Theme: Surreal

Description: This photo is the set from the premiere of Peer Gynt. In the center is an eye-shaped structure that has two spiraling staircases on each side. What this eye represented was the spiral that Peer Gynt’s life is as he both experiences being an outcast and interacting with trolls to being a successful businessman and aging. It goes into the personal infinity of Peer Gynt’s rebelliousness and ambition over personal connection.

Photo Observation #5: FUN! in the Sun, a childhood playground


I took this photo last spring break in Washington D.C.

The theme is fun; this photo fits this theme, not because sun rhymes with fun, but because sunshine has many positive associations with it.

The sun beats down on the land illuminating everything and making shadows small and scarce. It is the big white, hot monster come to scare away the night. The vibrant colors of the world dance in this mass illumination; all the details of objects that in the dark or gloom would not be seen invite the eyes to come and play with them. “Frolic, skip, dance from one place to the next,” they shout. “Marvel, embrace this warm light, and bathe in it,” the light beckons the eyes. The brightness and apparent whiteness of the light glimmers off of the surfaces it touches causing parts of them to appear as white as a pearl. It is a treasured light; it is playful fun. Children at school who look out the window will crave to feel its rays. Some working people will want to throw off their hats and run out into it. If they do, then they might cartwheel with joy and excitement as the light sparkles around them. “The light! The light!” In winter when such light is scarce, are not some people depressed? Do they not feel bored and incapable of happiness? Thus, when the sun returns, the fun also returns. The sunlight, the light source that first gave us the ability to delight in what we see and that gives the eyes so much to play with, is a fun light.