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Lighting observation

Date: 04/12/2017

Time: early evening

Location: Emily Lowe Quad

Objective description: The sun was starting to set and purples and blues were starting to colour the sky above the Playhouse.

Subjective Description: The horizon was streaked with colours. Purples and blues snaked their way through the soothing orange of the setting sun, seeping their coldness through the evening air. Once brightly lit buildings were beginning to be shrouded in shadow, but our haven on the green was still awash with golden light, fighting off the cold night for a few moments longer.

Light Observation #8

1. Sunday, March 23, Emily Lowe room 11o, approximately 7:15

2. Light from the setting sun hitting the top of the playhouse

3. After being fully engrossed in my draftings, I took a moment to gaze out the window. At that precise moment, the setting sun hit the playhouse in such a way that the building turned pink. The darkening blue provided a stark difference between the two colors.

Light Observation #3

1) 2/11/13, 6:45pm, John Cranford Adams Playhouse.


2) Walking into the wings of the Playhouse, which was lit only by wing work lights and a ghost light center stage.


3) Looking out into the playhouse from the stage always feels powerful. With the light concentrated into a central spot, the feeling is even more majestic. When you look at the ghost light from the side of the stage, at least with my glasses on, you see a tiny white spot overpowering everything else in the room. Looking out into the playhouse, you see everything cast in calm greys, shadows darkened on top, as the light is from below. What is on the stage is so small, but so powerful that you can see every part of the theatre. Although the light is not as powerful when it reaches the farthest walls, that contrast makes the ghost light itself even more majestic and proud.

Lighting Moment #1

Date/Time/ Place: Monday Jan 30th 4:30pm Playhouse parking lot

Objective: The sun is starting to set over the houses next to the NAB shining against the side of the playhouse

Subjective: The angle of this light gives a unique view to this side of the playhouse. We all walk by it everyday and more times than not this side is in shadow. The position of the sun is equal with the playhouse thus the light has to go through some obstacles before hitting the building. These shadows are much softer than the enveloping shadow that generally hides that side of the building and because of the softness the shadows seem to be caught mid jump. The large scale wash of nearly equal light gives a weight to the light, it seems grounded and welcoming. The color is not only supplied by the tan brick but works in conjunction with the amber light to give off a calming feeling. The story  behind this moment that caught me was the way the light seemed to be putting a blanket over the building and tucking it in for the night as a mother would do with her child.

Lighting Observation #8

1.) Thursday Feb. 24th 2011, 11:10 P.M. J.C. Adams Playhouse stage door.

2.) Various lights reflected in a puddle.

3.) It was raining when rehearsal let out tonight, and it had been for a while, and there were puddles on the ground in the parking lot. In the puddles, reflections of the orange-colored lights from the stage door overhang was mixing with the various whitish lights from car headlights in the parking lot, and even a bit of the fluorescent light from the NAB across the parking lot. The effect of the dancing lights in the puddles felt cool (literally and figuratively) and impassioned, very urban and a little melancholy. I thought it would be a great establishing shot for a film.