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Light Observation 9

1.) Pond outside my home in Uniondale NY. April 7 2018, 6:50pm.

2.) The sun was soon approaching sun set. The the suns light was reflecting in the pond in a strait thick line pointing towards my window. The light was bright light amber and it glistened. The surrounding water was glistening as well but had a darker tone.

3.) The moment reminded me of something from animal planet. I could almost Morgan Freeman’s voice over playing as the camera shows the shot of the pond and then cuts to a follow shot of the local geese flying through the sky.

Photo Observation #2

2. This was a photo taken by me a good few months ago during the summer months at HOFSTRA

3. Theme: Shadows

4. This photo has a good use of one light source from behind to light the gazebo. This also makes sure what bits of the gazebo get in the way to allow for a nice shadowed effect over some of the crosswalk. This photo also has a nice mix of greens and wood grain made brighter by the contrast.