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Light Observation

Date: 4/28/16  Time: 11:00  Location: Campus

Objective Description: As I was walking home from rehearsal for “Company”, i couldn’t help but notice the lighting of the campus as I slowly walked to my room.

Subjective Description: When I got out of rehearsal, I immediately realized how nice the weather was. Then i couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the campus looked lit by the tall lamps. Especially the path right off of Spiegel between the trees. It felt like a nice nature walk. The lamps created mini pools of light as you walked down the path which made it a safer environment.

Photo Observation



Theme: Artificial Light

This picture stood out to me because this lamp creates a pool of light. It is a room full of darkness and this lamp shine son this mans head which then illuminates some of the room. This photo fascinates me due to its black and white qualities. It sets the mood for the emotions of this man.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.18.17 PM

Lighting Observation #2 – Never Forget Your Towel

  1. Wednesday, February 8th, 2012. 8:15AM, The Shower
  2. I was in the shower, getting ready for my FAVORITE class (Stage Lighting) when I noticed that I had left the door to the bathroom open. After I finished my shower, I had soap in my eyes so I naturally reached for the towel outside the shower. Sadly, I forgot a towel. I tried to open my eyes to be able to see if there was something to rub the soap out of my eyes with. Nothing but the shower curtain, I started to gently push the soap away around my eyes. As I opened my eyes, I noticed the shower curtain was set perfectly in the middle of the stall. The natural morning light stretched all the way to the bathroom, which I was not accustomed to. The light bent around the curtain, filling the shower stall with light and making the shower curtain look like a bridge.
  3.  The only way natural light can hit our bathroom is by leaving the bathroom door open in the morning and the window shades are up (which after last week’s incident, rarely happens). After forgetting to close the shades, bathroom door, and my towel, I was able to see a beautiful and rare light. The light flooded the sides of the shower curtain, creating a marvelous shape. It seemed as though the light blinded me on both sides so the shower curtain looked like a dark, mysterious bridge. I felt confused and a little dazed. The bridge was there to cross the pool of light. My shock slowly subsided and I gathered myself and exited the shower stall. As soon as I exited, the light from the window flowed straight into my eyes, blinding me temporarily. It reminded me of a strike of lighting, maybe not the color, but the feelings associated with it. I felt vulnerable (I was in the shower), confused, and blinded. Blinded to greed, ignorance, lust, and stress, if only for a moment. Most importantly I was blinded from my towel.