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Photo Observation #10: Dance Inc. Ad


I got this photo from Jaclyn Marie Photography’s blog. (

The theme is Advertisement Model/Desire.

The lighting is mysterious and makes the picture interesting . The figure is lit to emphasis her fabulous arched back position that is elegant like a bird. The light encourages the viewer to appreciate the dancer’s form with its bright and intense limited use of light. The light calls attention to this dancer like they are the star in the night sky. The lighting only shows certain body parts of the dancer; it is selective in its focus. This select focus makes the star image even greater. “Don’t you want to be a star” the lighting and photo call out to the spectator. Thus, the desire in this advertisement is establish through its lighting of a model.

Dance Inc Mock Up


Photo Observation: Powerful


2) Larry Lightner

3) Powerful

4) The feeling of being high on a mountain top is pure excitement and awe. I had the chance to climb Mt. Vesuvius in Naples a few years back. We drove up half the mountain to a stopping point. My uncle, his new wife, my dad, my sister, and I got out and started to walk up the winding gravel trail. It was steep and at times it was hard, but being with my family made the entire experience so great and fun. However, nothing could compare to the feeling of finally making it to the top. I walked closer to the edge and looked out over the sea and the horizon, across all of Naples. The sun was high in the sky and being so far up, being able to see so much of the world, it was an overpowering sensation. It was like I had conquered the world.

Photo Observation 6

1) Lightning


3) THEME: Powerful

4) DESCRIPTION: Regardless of whatever else may be going on in the landscape, if lightning is present it will always be the most striking and powerful force. Doesn’t matter if great cities, landmarks, etc. are in the background, your eye will always be drawn to the lightning first, and everything else becomes secondary.

Photo observation 6



I feel these lights demonstrate power perfectly. These lights represent the world trade center and rising after the fall. You can not see where the lights end and that only further proves how powerful these lights are.

Photo Observation #6

1) Tesla Coil


3) Powerful

4) This is a picture of a pair of Tesla coils. These, to me, seem like the an extremely powerful form of light, as it is pure electricity. I actual find it more powerful than natural lightning itself. Yes, lightning flashes brightly, quickly, and unpredictably, but Tesla coils let us generate it. We essentially create lightning, and can manipulate it as we desire, thereby making me find this kind of lighting even more powerful than natural lightning.