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Lighting Observation 10

1. 4/17/2018, 12:45 A.M. In Alliance Hall

2. My keyboard is a mechanical keyboard with changing colors underneath. It can be edited through software to change to the moods of fire, to ripple with green acid, to flow with a rainbow. All of these have different lighting effects with cools and warm lighting.

3. All of the functions add the effect of calm warmness to you. From the cool tones chiming on the keys or the transition of the rainbow across my keyboard as I watch it. It’s like my own little light show in my room which makes me very happy.

Light Observation #9 – Two Different Skies

  1. Date: 3/30/18, Time: about 7 pm, Location: JCPenney @ Roosevelt Field Mall
  2. I walk outside of JCPenney into the top level of the parking lot and the sky is split: one side is a sunset, the other is cloudy with drizzling and a rainbow.
  3. I come out of the mall with a friend of mine after an evening of young adult chicanery, when I look to my right, only to see a gray sky with rain and the faintest image of a rainbow. I look to the other side and there is a bright orange sunset looming over in the distance. The sky could not decide how it would be painted, so it chose both sides, each a sight in their own unique way.

Light Observation

  1. Today March 2 at 5:30 pm in CV star on the roof.
  2. Light coming through the telescope from the sky.
  3. In class we were doing an observation and looking at the moon an we saw a really bright little light in the sky. When we looked in the telescope and it was a star. I never seen a star close up before and it was amazing to see. It reminded me of this class because it was white but you can see the rays of rainbow and all different colors coming from the center. All the prime colors mixed together make white. It was simple and beautiful.

Photo Observation #3

Taken by me, December 30th 2016, a night club in London…

Theme: Night life

Laser beams shoot out across the room, cutting through the darkness and stirring the excitement into the air. Vibrant colours reel through the beam creating hypnotic patterns as mist swirls though the beam, giving the light life as if its dancing with the crowd below.

Lighting Observation #12: A Tree’s Bark in the Sunlight

4/25/16-10:23am-Outside the Spiegel Theater

The sunlight warmly hits the bright green leaves of this tree that looks sort of like a weeping willow but has branches hanging down with bright green spade-shaped leaves. The shadow cast on its bark reflects the spade-like shape of the leaves and only some direct sunlight comes through in varying amounts to hit the bark. Thus, the bark is illuminated with different intensities of sunlight.

The light colors the bark of the tree and accents the lines of the bark. The bark looks like it might just erupt into circular-like shapes like the shadows that gently fall onto it from the branches above. The movement of the shadows with the gentle swaying of the breeze create a dream-like feeling. The tree bark shimmers like psychedelic orbs that make the tree glow with different shades as the light and shadow change how intense the light is on the bark constantly. As the shadow and sunlight move, there is green, teal, brown, gold, grey, amber, and silver on the bark. The whiteness of the light of the sun has the greenness of the leaves and the shades of the nearby plants reflect onto the bark allowing for this rainbow. It is a creative light with its colors and intensities. Every leaf looks more like a heart than a spade with the shadow that is created by the sunlight hitting it. The lighting is artistic, it is natural, it is soft, and it is dynamic. The overall feeling of the light is one of confusion, fun, and bedazzlement. It changes between these naturalistic colors and is constantly moving like the light cannot make up its mind how to shine on the tree, but it is also fun with the varying spots of intensities and colors reflected back. This movement and change in the amount of light hitting the bark is bedazzling like a disco ball in the night. It is fun though; It’s fun in the confusion and in dazzling qualities.

Lighting Observation

Date: 3/30 Time: 6:45 Location: Montauk Light House

Objective Description: watched the sunrise on the rocks and witnessed the many colors that come up before and during the sunrise. created a calming and peaceful environment.

Subjective Description: I went to the Montauk Lighthouse where I watched the sunrise. I went with Richie and we woke up at 3 in the morning and left by 4 to get to the lighthouse. The view was beautiful and there were so many colors that lit up the sky. There was a moment where the was a rainbow in the sky and then it suddenly turned back into blue and then the sun finally rose up and it was a moment like the lion king. In that moment all of my worries left my brain and I was so grateful I got to witness such an incredible view that most people don’t usually get to see.

Photo Observation #2: College Student’s Night Light Night Life


My roommate, the lovely Kayla Bickel, took this photo. She was excited after getting her new camera and was testing it out by photographing things in the room last week.

This photo was taken at night in my dorm room, and it is the lighting that best represents my own night life.

The little fireflies of color in the room guide me into sleep most nights. They shine with life in the dark right before I close my eyes. They are calming and soothing. The soft small lights are anything but imposing. They do not blind or clash with their surroundings. Instead, they mesmerize and encourage forgetfulness of worldly cares. These little spread of rainbow lights on the wall can open one’s eyes to other worlds. They give comfort like a warm little candle in the cold dark night, and, with their bright glow contrasting against the surrounding dark, they gently whisper that those who see them are safe. They could instantly be a child’s favorite night light for protection from the beasts of the darkness because of their pretty hues that are apt to bring smiles of delight. Thus, these orbs, these gems, that hang in the room at night are easily declared this college student’s night light, a vital part of my night life. In addition, the lights, themselves, only breathe and sing their soothing songs of color at night and could be considered to have a night life.

Photo Observation #2

1. untitled

2. The internet:

3. Cold.

4. Over the icy mountains, streaks of violet, teal and green race down from the deep blue sky. These shimmering, cool colors give a sensation of shivers and the need to be warm. The chilly water reflects the colors of  the beautiful, frosty rainbow above. As the frozen mountain tops stand below, the frigid colors of the aurora borealis put on a fantastic spectacle of illumination. This wonderful show of lights is nature’s finest curtain call.


Photo Observation #11

2) Photo taken by Nic Christopher. Taken at lookout point near Blasket Islands on Dingle Peninsula on April 15 at around 3:20 PM.

3) THEME: Unreal

4) DESCRIPTION: This picture was taken while on a hike overlooking the Blasket Islands while I was with my family touring the Dingle Peninsula. Yes this is taken from a similar area as last week’s photo however I think that this photo and the lighting employed in this photo are fantastic. I think that the lighting of this photo is spectacular and almost makes the photo become something more of a photoshopped background or a dream than an actual photo. I other that raising the contrast of this photo I did not do anything in terms of post production to this photograph.

When I tried to think of something UNREAL, the first ideas that came to mind were abstract images or pictures of fire or stunning sunsets. What I realized is that those things are not unreal in terms of lighting. What is unreal is when the lighting can play tricks on someones perception and when lighting can offer a grand contrast in an area that already seems somewhat dream like. The first thing that I liked in this photo was the Rainbow. I think that a rainbow is simply unreal. It is always there and appears to be a tangible thing, however it can never be touched or reached. Rainbows are also stunningly beautiful and extremely colorful. The other element of lighting that makes this image seem so unreal is the contrast between where the sun is shining and where the rain is falling. With the panorama shot, you are able to see that there is a small squall hitting one part of the farm land while the sun is beating down in the background. It juxtaposes a scary and strong storm onto a beautiful and bright scene of a green and luscious hillside.

Standing on the mountain looking out on this land seems to give me a feeling of being king of the land. Watching the elements interact with the land and the animals. All of the contrast is blended with the illusion of the rainbow and it just makes me wonder if this place is really an actual place.

Photo Observation

2) I found this on tumblr.

3) Night Life

4) This photo represents night life in more than one way. While it is a picture of alcoholic beverages, the lighting shows more than just that. The club lighting makes the drinks look colorful, like a rainbow. The rainbow effect makes the drinks feel more inviting to take part, in small amounts.