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Lighting Observation

  1. Today, March 10, at 4 am
  2. the hotel next to us had their building lit up red.
  3. The fact that someone wants to color their building is crazy! the red pierces through the night and makes me look at the building. It’s not a very nice building, but the color makes it look nicer than it is.

Photo Observation 5

  1. I found this on my friends Pinterest page
  2. Theme: Shadow
  3. I feel like this photo is showing us another dimension. I love how the light is gray and is hitting the shoes as if there was someone in them, but there isn’t. Thats whats giving me an eerie feeling when I look at this.

Lighting observation 5

  1. March 2nd at Banana Republic at 5:00pm
  2. The rays from the sunset were so strong that they were reflecting off the windows of the other stores and into ours.
  3. Sometimes it is easy to forget how powerful the suns rays can be. I had this moment when I had just finished my shift at work and was walking out of the store. Until this point, I had only been under florescent light and walking into the natural light was a wake-up call. It warmed my body and stunned me because it was so bright. It was an overwhelming experience.

Photo Observation #4

  1. My friend Em during Tech
  2. Theme: Mysterious
  3. I thought this picture looked mysterious because Em is a very mysterious person and this lighting makes her look even more so. I love the way the blue light from the clip[ lamp reflects off her blonde hair; it makes it almost a silvery color.

Lighting Observation #4

  1. 2 am in my dorm (Feb. 24, 2017)
  2. My desk lamp is casting a small circular shadow on my poser of William Shakespeare
  3. As i struggle to stay awake, I find myself constantly being distracted by how the light from my desk lamp dances across my poster. These dizzying circular motions makes my world spin and i can’t tell if my mind is playing tricks on me or if the light is really dancing.

Lighting Observation 3

  1. Walking from Penn station to W 30th street on Thursday, February 16th, 2017
  2. Sunlight was hitting a colorful building on the opposite side of the street from me.
  3. I was having a bad day since there was an issue on the LIRR and I was running late to a rehearsal. As I emerged from the underground, i looked up and saw this ridiculously colorful building across the street, bathed in sunlight. These colors were so bright and colorful, they cheered me up immensely; putting a smile on my face 🙂

Photo Observation 3

  1. I took this photo on January 5, 2016 (London, England)
  2. Theme: Night life
  3. This is Nightlife to me because I would always walk past Big Ben on the way back from the bars. I loved how the light would interact with the designs on the tower. the clock face always seemed to smile no matter what time of night it was.  🙂

Photo Observation 2- Cold

  1. I found this photo online:
  2. Theme: Cold
  3. The lighting in this photo is very dark and dense. Whenever i look at this picture, my feet immediately feel like ice.  I believe this effect has to do with the gray tones and the textures of the ground.

Light Observation 2

  1. The Paramount theatre, Huntington, NY on Wednesday Feb. 4th 2017
  2. DNCE’s set was all white and only white light was used to light the stage until the band entered. Once they entered, only colored light was used.
  3. I was exhausted after standing for hours waiting for this band; the white light wasn’t helping at all. But once the band members came onstage, the theatre filled with color and I felt such a sense of joy and happiness. I felt a renewed sense of energy and I ended up enjoying the concert immensely.

Lighting Observation #1

  1. walking on campus on 2/2/17 around noon
  2. I was looking at the gray clouds and watched the white light of the sun come between them.
  3. It was a gray day as I was walking from the fitness centre to the students centre. As I walked, there was a sudden gust of wind and the gray light from the clouds began to brighten as the clouds parted to reveal a shining sun and bright blue sky. I felt like I was in the movies and at any moment something was going to come down from the heavens and change my life forever. Obviously that did not happen but that is how it felt. This sudden burst of energy didn’t last long, however, and as soon as the wind subsided, the light went right back to gray and life continued on as normal; as if it never happened.