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lighting observation #5

Date: 03/02/17, my dorm room windows, 5:00pm

Objective description: Sunset rays coming through my semi-closed blinds in the window in my dorm, reflecting of the blinds shiny surface.

Subjective description: As the sun retired for another night, the burnt orange rays pushed through the slits in my blinds. The force of the light coming through caused the blinds to glow orange and red as if burning from extreme heat, a radiator of the burning sun.

Light Observation

Time: 9pm on Sunday

Objective Description: Someone bumped a crackled glass light and it spun around, creating an interesting texture on the walls.

Subjective Description: I was enjoying a brownie sundae in Hof USA with a friend when I noticed a peculiar pattern moving around on the wall. It looked very much like the reflection you would see on the ceiling or walls when the sun shines on an indoor swimming pool.

The culprit of this intriguing pattern was a hanging crackled glass light that resembled an upside-down fish bowl with a lightbulb inside. Some tall guy stood up from his table and accidentally jostled the light. It spiraled around, twisted on itself, and unwound, scattering its crackly, watery pattern all over the walls. I pointed it out to my friend, but she didn’t think it was as exciting as I did. I guess I’ve become a certifiable light nerd.

The pattern is present normally, but I guess I never noticed it until the movement caught my attention. This was an interesting example of how important movement is. Something still can hide in plain sight or go completely unnoticed, but when a little motion is added, it can quickly become the focal point. For me, this is a very important thing to keep in mind when designing later on.

Photo Observation 5


Photo Credit:

Theme: fun

Description: This photo immediately made me think of “fun” because of all the bright colors. The lights reflecting off of the water is really what stood out to me because the shapes of the light are accentuated and seem brighter than the actual lights. Also the contrast between the glowing, colorful shore and the dull, grey city buildings emphasizes the fun atmosphere of the water’s edge. When I think of fun, I think of parties. This photo looks like a lively celebration while the rest of the city looks boring and depressing. Also the rays of light coming from behind the trees looks like something amazing is about to happen and like it is calling everyone else to come and join the fun.

Lighting Observation 2/26

Date: 2/23

Time: 7:53 pm

Location: Outside of Constitution Hall

Objective Description: It had already been a dark day, however, it was completely dark by now but a sparkle from the ground could still be seen. The lamp posts lighting the pathway towards the tower dorms created a reflection on the ground yellow with warmth in an otherwise cold and dark day.

Subjective Descripton: Dark, looming clouds ever present throughout the day had finally overcome the night. A desolate cold nothingness filled the void that was the day. A light at the end of the tunnel, a twinkle sparked across the cold, wet pavement denied of any warmth. But where life seemed void, light recessitated the night. It was that sparkle of brightness that paved the way towards a dry and safe shelter.

Lighting Observation #4: Fluorescent Ghosts

2/12/16 – 6:27pm – Hammer Lab

The fluorescent lights are reflected through the glass to appear to be a double set on the other side of the glass despite there not being any fluorescents there in those exact locations over there. There are some fluorescents on that side of the glass. The reflected lights seem to be faded slightly and float in a way.

Stale, ghostly, and ominous, the mirrored fluorescent lights feel oppressive like an army of evil jellyfish that has started flying across the land on a campaign of terror. Jellyfish would be more pleasant than these glowing boxes of off-white though. Two eyes can be seen to creep forth from the bulbs of the light and to beat down upon you. It is a scrutinizing gaze and an unforgiving one. Harsh and inhuman, the ghost lights are so many in number that they seem to be following or haunting people. They bleach the world; they engulf it in an intense brightness that is unvarying and plain. The nightmare of a futuristic society where people have lost their own individuality and creativity is felt in the glow of these lights. The lighting is bland, unnatural, and dead.

Light Observation #4

1) 2/26 , 11:30pm, Outside Hofstra USA

2) Moonlight reflected on ice on ground.

3) I was walking home from a late night in the studio when I looked up in the sky and noticed a bright white moon shining down and lighting the path ahead of me. However, the most remarkable part of the walk was that every time I walked by a pool of ice, it would reflect up the light from the moon. Near Hofstra USA there was one particular patch of ice that was really big. When I walked by it, the entire thing illuminated in a shiny white light.  We’re not used to seeing light coming up from the ground below us, and it was like I was standing on a sea of light.

Lighting Observation #3 – Max Cerci

1) February 12 2014 8:45am

2) The sunrise and sunlight hitting the trees and buildings as well as reflecting off of the white snow.

3) As the sun was rising and the rays began hitting the snow, it looked almost as if the snow was a mirror. I could see the sky in the reflection of the snow and the world around me seemed unusually brighter than normal. Similarly, the way the sun was hitting the buildings and trees seemed to cast shadows onto the snow and ground causing everything to look much more 3 dimensional than usual.

Light Observation #2

1) 2/6/13, 7:45pm, Hofstra Student Center (outside)

2) There is a lamp that is outside of the student center. This lamp shines all around the front entrance. As people are walking into the building and out of the building, you can see their shadows on the ground from the light shining. The light is reflecting off the person or people that are walking.

3) The lamp outside of the building is very bright and acts as a guide to help people see where they are going. It stands tall and brings to life at night the atmosphere and environment that surrounds it. When the light is off, I can imagine the area to be quiet and dark which would not add any excitement or noise to the outside of the student center.


Light Observation #2

1) 2/5/13, 7:19pm, Antony and Cleopatra Rehearsal, Lowe 106


2) Outside the closest window, across the parking lot, there is a streetlight, and the circle of light emitting from it is reflected in each of the vehicles below.


3) The streetlight outside emits a warm, orange light. You can’t quite see the light itself through the tree next to the window, but the sepia color tints the entire picture of the parking lot. The lot looks calm, and beckoning, compared to the more intense environment of the rehearsal inside, and the bright white frame of the window. It looks almost like an old fashioned, black and white movie, except for the modern cars, which adds to the feeling of being away from chaos. Along the rows of cars, the circle of light from the lamp is reflected in bright, round shapes, and the reflections are reminiscent of reflections of the sun during the day. Because of the lighting, the parking lot is still warm and inviting, despite the fact that the sun has long gone down.

Photo Observation: Sunrise/Sunset



2) user “vaishali muzumdar,” Poem 409

3) Sunrise/Sunset

4) The sun rises in the east and welcomes a new day. At the same time in a different place, the sun sets. Day becomes night just as night becomes day, two halves of the sun’s dance, both happening simultaneously and infinitley. The sun brightens the world, chasing away the darkness of the night; it runs across the sky lighting everything in its path. But it leaves shadow in its wake, turning into blackness once again. The world awaits the next time the sun will rise.