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Light Observation

It was Wednesday night and both me and my suitemate Lauren were up late working on homework. We were each in our own rooms working but her door has a full length mirror hanging on it and just happened to be ajar at just the right angle for us to see each other in the reflection.

I have always been fascinated by reflections, probably more than I should be. I have always been easily distracted from things I’m working on, definitely more than I should be. Lauren and I started chatting with each other, making eye contact through the mirror, and making silly faces at each other. Pretty soon we started mimicking each others expressions and movements and then we started trying to figure out whether we were making the same motions as each other or opposite, based on the angle of the mirror. Homework was not nearly so important as figuring out how the refraction of light works.

Photo Ob #12



















2.  uploaded by:Tajuddin

3. #allofthefeelings

4. I love the story that this photo tells. The possibilities are endless since there are so many variable factors. To me, this girl is surprised as the light breaks the horizon catching her eyes which become the brightest area of the photo. The blurred reflection on the water also contributes to the lightness of the photo. The low angled light adds intensity to the girl due to the shadows. I think she is unsure how she feels about being discovered but has been by an authoritative figure that is somewhat interrogative. The focus is taken by her eyes and face since they are the brightest thing. This is by no means the only story this woman could have. What do you think?


Photo Observation #9

2) Photo taken by Nic Christopher. June 24th 2010 at around 6:30 PM. Taken on a hiking trail in Steamboat, Colorado.

3) THEME: Intrigue

4) DESCRIPTION: This photo was taken a few years while I was on a hike with my parents in the northwestern part of Colorado. We went for an evening hike to enjoy the beautiful weather and the wonderful mountain air that was surrounding us. We walked up the path and saw all kinds of animals and interesting shapes in the mountains before we arrived at a plateau with a cabin and a big grassy field. After we explored the abandoned cabin we finally started to head back down the mountain to the car. On the walk home, me and the dog kept getting ahead of my parents and having to stop and wait for them to catch up.

At around 6:30, the sun had passed to the right of me and the path we were walking on was now in full shadow and my sunglasses were no longer needed. The mountain to my left was glowing bright and being warmed by the late afternoon sun. Once the dog and I got ahead of my parents I stopped with her and took off my sunglasses as we stopped at a large rock that was sitting next to the trail. I set down my sunglasses on the rock and started playing with the dog. At one point I looked over at my sun glasses and realized the intriguing reflection in the lens. I grabbed my camera and began to shoot.

What I love about this picture is how it transposes the west facing mountain onto the eastern facing one. My black glasses are placed upon the very muted and gray background that does not resemble much life. The background is very plain and feels dead and dry. If you study the reflection in the lenses however, you see a hillside that is luscious and full of green, colors and life. The hillside is warmly lit from the late evening sun and the colors are popping right out of the hillside. I love the fact that you can also see the camera on the side of the lens as if it is someone or something that is looking in on this other contrasting side. It is shadow meets light in a burst of life and color.


Lighting Observation 7

1. 3/13/2012, 12:34, freshman unispan

2. I was walking across the unispan and the lights against the tinted glass made an endless reflection of the walkway.

3. It was late at night and I was walking back to my room across the tinted glass unispan when I looked next to me to see a reflection of the inside of the unison. On closer inspection I realized it was an infinite reflection like the one you get when two mirrors are across from each other. It was crazy to look ahead and see several other walkways next to me. It was like seeing into alternate realities. It was a a fun experience.

Photo Observation

Colorful Caves Photographs Of China_007

Theme: saturated, colorful

This is a picture from the Reed Flute Caves in China. I chose this photo because I found it interesting how they had used fake lighting to make the already incredible natural phenomenon more striking. The lights help to display the interesting formations and textures of the cave, and also reflect off of the water so the cave seems even more mystical.

Lighting Observation 4.1 (The reverse shadow)

1) 2/19/12 – 3:03 – southern tip of Manhattan, near Battery Park facing east towards Statue of Liberty

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was at battery park standing on the bike path facing east looking toward the Statue of Liberty. The sun was bright and reflecting off the water, onto the building behind us and creating a shadow in front of my friends and I.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was taking my two friends to see some of the sights in Manhattan this weekend on saturday. We head into the city mid afternoon and went down to Battery Park so that I could show them the view of the Statue of Liberty from the southern tip of Manhattan. We walked across the bike path and stood at the waters edge as they were in awe seeing the lady for the first time. The sun was beginning to get lower in the sky just to the left of the statue.

None of us had our sunglasses on and it was extremely difficult to look at the statue for very long as the sun was reflecting very intensely off of the water between us and the statue. We had to duck behind the large wooden posts that were sticking out of the water acting as tie downs for incoming boats. We used these giant posts to block the light out and catch glimpses of the statue through the cracks in the posts.

I was explaining to them what different things around us were and pointing out important  and significant landmarks all around us. At one point I pointed up and noticed that on the post in front of us there was a clear shadow of my gesturing hand and my body on the post we were hiding behind. What caught me off guard was how vivid our shadow was yet we were staring straight into the sun. What was happening is that the sun was reflecting off of the water and bouncing back up onto the skyscraper behind us and illuminating my friends and I from behind. It was a cool effect to be looking straight into the burning sun yet also looking at a clear shadow of myself right in front of me. As cool as this effect was I realized just how aware I need to be in lighting designs of where reflective surfaces are so that I dont create these odd phenomenons. This moment made me realize just how hard it really is to put light where you want it as well as keep it away from the places you don’t want it all at the same time.


Light Observation #3 – Coffee and Sleeping Medication Don’t Mix

1) February 16th, maybe 4 in the morning?, Uncle’s house in Miami, Florida

2) I was sleeping at my uncle’s house and I left the television on. The television woke me up and reflected into a sectional picture frame on the wall, perpendicular to the bed. It broke the television picture into symmetrical boxes in the picture frame.

3) I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I toss and turn, inevitably starting a war with my bouncing mind and imagination. As the television woke me up, I stayed still and looked at the wall ( I lay on my right side). There was a huge picture frame made up of many family photos, like a collage. I tried to find a picture of me or my sisters and observed the frame. The home shopping network was on and Wendy Williams was trying to sell her new necklace collection. The television reflected off of the photos, making it impossible to see what the original photo was and creating a focus onto Wendy Williams. All I could think about was “I don’t remember watching the home shopping network before I fell asleep”. I tried to recollect the events that lead to me passing out on the bed. With my mind blocked, I stared at the reflection of Wendy Williams and her extremely gaudy necklaces for 5 easy payments of $28.99. I felt like it was a mind blowing experience to be watching a reflection of the television and how it broke up into symmetrical squares. It was a different way to look at something that I became so accustomed to. I fell back asleep and woke up in the morning with the television turned off and that feeling where you try to distinguish what was a dream. I was a little dazed, but it was not a dream. I need to stop drinking coffee right before I go to bed.

Lighting Observation

As I was walking to class Thursday morning at an ungodly hour (any time before noon) it was raining, and the puddles on the ground created a mirror like smooth surface that held a reflection of the trees above them.

As I looked down at the puddles, I saw a reflection of twisted bare limbed trees, superimposed over the mottled browns and grays of the concrete sidewalks that crisscross all over campus. I watched as the raindrops hit the surface of these puddles and made the trees dance and turn on the surface of the water, as though they were part of another world. The reflection was not merely an imperfect and broken representation of the real trees above, but an image of another world locked just behind the surface of the water, separate entirely from the concrete below that did not twist with the ripples of the water: the cold concrete of reality.

Lighting Observations 3.2

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 2/11/12 – 11:53 – Just outside white “bubble” next to uslesspan on north campus.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking to the soccer field at around noon on saturday. The sun was breaking up the clouds and reflecting off the white bubble just off the unispan by the football field.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: My cousin was playing lacrosse at over the weekend. She goes to UCONN and lives in Philadelphia, so I hardly ever get to see her. I was very bummed when I woke up to see that the weather was not very nice and that it was so cloudy and snowy on the one day that her and my aunt and uncle were in town. Despite the cold weather and cloudy haze I put on many coats and my boots and headed out the door to go and meet them. I was walking on the North side of campus on the elevated road above the white “bubble” at the edge of campus. I was briskly walking to meet them at the field with my Starbucks sloshing around in my cup.

As I turned the corner and walked parallel to the bubble I realized that it had finally stopped snowing and it actually wasn’t that cold out. I looked up and the sun was actually starting to burn through the clouds and shine onto the sidewalk. The sky had been very dark, gray and threatening all morning. this was the first variation and contrast I had seen in the sky all day. For about the next thirty seconds the clouds continued to thin and eventually part. The intensity of the sun increased dramatically and the light shining through went from a deep gray to a warm and intense golden white. The hole in the clouds had a skewed triangular shape and was still not a huge spot in the sky. All around the spot the sky remained dark and colorless. After another fifteen seconds or so there was another break just below the first. As I looked up there were now two brilliant spots in the sky surrounded completely on all sides with the darkness of the snowy clouds. As the two spots grew to their maximum intensity my eyes shifted their focus to the bubble. this pure white mass was catching all of the yellow light in the sky and casting a blanked of golden rays across the bubble. The white of the bubble reflected all of that golden light as it was the most intense and colorful source of illumination in the sky. I was thrilled that I was looking up to see this beautiful moment of the golden parts in the sky illuminating the bubble and creating a cold and warm color contrast with each other and then I realized that the weather was perfect and just as I arrived on the field, my cousin scored the second goal of the game.

Photo Observation

I took this picture of a sunset over the summer. I was struck by the way the light pierced through the clouds making it look as though the sky was on fire. Yet the clouds directly in front of the sun are still in shadow, a siloutte in the forground, lending dimension to the image. The light was reflecting on the tops of the water only, creating depth to the shadows and motion of the waves. The colors of the sunset reflect in the wet sand, which looked as smooth as glass and glowed orange along the beach, reminding me of a  watercolor painting.