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Photo Observation #11: Surreal Lighting at the Happiest Place on Earth


I got this photo from a blog about Epcot called Epcot Explorer: .

The theme is surreal.

The lighting is unreal in its color, its angle, its vibrancy. The sky is lit up by lasers like the end of the world or like a mystical portal is opening. The colorful lights are reflected in the water making it resemble a magical river that one might dream up as a child. All of the lighting is fantastical even the bright projected white on the Earth. The water shows the hidden mysteries of lights that are far off and also the pink and green of the globe. The various angles are unusual as the light from the water fountains illustrates since it goes straight up with the water. There are neons, bright magentas, oranges, blues, greens, and white in the color palette of the lights. There are hints of red, yellow, and purple as well. It is like a rainbow but brighter; the lights have a similar feeling of joy in their colors as fireworks and glow sticks. They are spectacular and delightful like a magician show. Clearly, the lights are magical not realistic. Even the sky with the green and blue fading into one another repeatedly in a pattern is mostly intense and vibrant in color and brightness. This brightness is like the pages of children’s picture books and children’s toys in general. Consequently, the lighting is surreal and creates an atmosphere that is playful, reflexive, and dream-like.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 5.55.33 AM

Lighting Observation 6.1 (The Circus Lights)

1)  3/6/12 – 12:22 PM – Outside of student center, walking between theater and tower.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking to class and the sun was at high noon and was very bright and unobstructed. there was a shadow cast by the student center on the sidewalk but there were blurry reflections of light from the windows of the towers all over the ground.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking to my first afternoon class at around 12:30 on tuesday. I was rushing across the parking lot and onto the corridor between the student center theater and Alliance tower. As I passed between the two buildings, I noticed something very strange happening with the lighting around me. The sun was burning brightly, and very high in the sky. Only the tallest buildings were casting shadows. In front of me, the only building to be casting any shadows on the path in front of me was the shadow of the student center. As I approached the shadow on the ground, I thought hardly anything of it; it was just a shadow after all.

As I began to walk directly on top of the shadow on the sidewalk I realized the irregularity of the situation I was in. The sunshine was beaming off of all of the windows from Alliance and Bill Of Rights. With the angle that the two buildings were in relation to sun seemed to make the area where I was walking, the area with the shadow, the focal point for all of the reflections. The pools of light that were making it to the ground were all very unfocused but there was a clear mess of bright spots all over the shadowed sidewalk below me. As my body passed through this haystack of lights I noticed that my shadows were being cast in multiple directions. I felt as though I was in a circus surrounded by a bunch of mirrors. Like what you see in the movies when characters are watching their bodys walking all around them from the reflections of the mirrors all around them. It was a very cool feeling and one that opened my eyes up to all of the angles and sources all around me.