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Stuck in a surreal moment

2010-12-28 17.03.13

Photo by Rych

Theme: Surreal

This is a photo of a Poland Spring delivery truck stuck in the snow outside my house. I took this photo because the moment had a strange feeling to it that reminded me of a a Gregory Crewdson photo. The arrangement of light and color along with the position of the people and vehicles gave this a surreal vibe for me.

Coney Island, baby!


Photography By: Stephen Wilkes


I’m a big fan of Coney Island. An amusement park is such an obvious choice for the theme. The lighting is bright and colorful and designed precisely to imbue joy, wonder and “amusement”. What I like about this composite photograph is combining the night time cacophony of color with the singular bright sunlight of the day which highlights the beach goers. A bright sunny day on the beach also imbues the possibility of “amusement”.

Choke Hold


Photo by Rych Curtiss

Theme: Shadow

This photo is from a Hofstra production of ANGEL STREET. My lighting design featured footlights and light from odd angles in an attempt to create shadows throughout the production inspired by film noir. In this picture the shadow on the wall mimics the meaning of the lines being said; one character is holding evidence in his hand which he says will send the other character to the noose while the shadow appears to be choking him.

Lighting Key:


Possessed Kitty

Screenshot 2015-03-19 16.29.58

Photo taken by Rych

Single Subject Single light source

This is a still from a camera video of my cat Sophie. The room was completely dark so I had the LED on my camera on and this reflection off of her eyes resulted. I almost used this for spooky; she looks evil and possessed.



Don’t go in alone…


Found at

Night in the forest, fog and an off green light in the distance=spooky. Reminiscent of a alien invasion scene in a movie, something from X-Files or American Gothic it just says don’t go in here alone if at all. The light silhouettes the foreground and sweeps across the landscape highlighting a thick fog. Usually light helps illuminate, but here it serves to remind us how much we really can’t see and in these woods what we can’t see will…?

“Hallmark Card” moment

2010-11-25 16.33.41

Photo taken by myself


Seeing beams of sunlight always makes me happy. Moments like when you see a beam of light coming through a break in the clouds feel heavenly to me. All of the warm feelings that are associated with sunlight are enhanced by the visual of beams of light. The moment in this photo is a happy moment; a couple on a nice walk with their dogs. The beams of sunlight, the highlights on their figures and the red/warm lens flare amplify the happiness of the moment. The light says happy.

Big cold city

9am Thursday, 57th st. & 8th ave. NYC

A single red stoplight

At this intersection just below the stoplight was one of those orange chimney-like cones they place over a manhole to vent steam from below the street. The steam was rising and zigzagging in front of the red light, while the light fixture itself wavered slightly in the breeze. It was a stark cold moment that emphasized what can be a cold unfeeling city at times. The light felt lonely only to seemingly wish to be warmed by the steam rising in front of it but never touching.

Blue is Hot?



This is a bit of a cheat. The picture is clearly lava so we know that intellectually it should be hot, but most of us are conditioned to think light in the red side of the spectrum is “warmer” and blue is “cooler”. The volcano here is in Indonesia and the blue lava phenomenon is from the large amounts of a particular sulphur present that emits the color blue when it is ignited. This made me think of the the dance choreographer that I mentioned in class who had the typical red/blue warm/cool idea reversed; perhaps she’s from Indonesia…

Vegas, Baby!


Photo taken by my sister Wendy June 2014


Nothing says night life quite like Vegas. Vegas at night is a cacophony of colored lights that just say fun is happening here. This photo was taken from the “Linq”, the new giant wheel ride in Las Vegas. It features the world famous Flamingo Hotel at center and other icons, Caesars Palace, The Bellagio, Paris Las Vegas and others. I like the reflection of my sister and I both taking picture superimposed on the scene with me beer in hand (another staple of night life). Notice also, just below my phone, the beam of light shooting up from below. That is from the top of the pyramid which the Luxor Hotel & Casino.


Light Observation #1 Spring 2015

1) 2/5/2015, 7pm, My apartment NYC.

2) Dark room, light coming in through frosted window from street lamp through tree.

3) Sitting in my darkened kitchen on the 3rd floor I stare out the window partially covered with frost, a sickly off-orange light spills in silhouetting empty tree branches. The branch shadows appear to be fingers grasping at and attempting to tickle the jagged edges of the frost, moving slightly and silently back and forth in the wind. At once evoking contradictory feelings of both calm and creepy unease. The motion is hypnotic…