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Lighting Observation 6: The light of Death illuminates a branch

29 Feb. 2016 at 6:40pm – Outside Dutch Treats

A soft bluish white light from the glowing sign of Dutch Treats shines on the branches of a bare tree right outside this establishment.

The light was sad, cold, pure, and spooky. Blue and white, faint and bright, the light varies as it hits the tree in different places. The tree with the cool light looks skeletal and deathly. Death rides on a pale horse and if Death carried a staff made out of a tree, then the staff would be lit to look just like this. The gloom but yet beauty of this bright light reflecting off of the bare tree is haunting and captivating. The mood created by this lighting scene is gloomy and the lighting is brings forth a mood that one might feel at a funeral.

Lighting Ob #5

  1. 2/24/16, 4:14pm, Netherlands North Patio Core
  2. Objective: The lighting is very cloudy and dark. There is no sunlight out.
  3. Subjective: The lighting feels very sad and gloomy. The wind is slightly blowing adding to the feel of a melancholy evening. The clouds are frequent and a very light gray.

Photo Observation: Cold Lighting in a Movie


This photo is from the blog, which took it in turn from the motion picture Pan’s Labyrinth.

The theme is cold, and the lighting is cold in this still image.

The lighting spreads a cool blue wash over the scene which gives a feeling of coldness to the beholder. It is like an ocean’s wave’s tears have gone and made themselves at home in the scene, but the tear drops do not fall everywhere. They leave some shadow to contrast the hue of the watery lighting. Due to their hue, soft illumination, and saturation, the wave’s tears, the lighting, might actually subconsciously induce feelings of cold. The lighting contains such a gloomy cold feeling that it touches the mind and instinctively prepares it for darker emotions like those that one might feel after watching someone suffer. The feelings of the lighting are sad, cold, and isolated. This lighting would fit well with a scene of someone stranded in the tundra. It is so cold that it can be seen as being devoid of the warm sunny day and something of the cold, dark night.

Photo Observation #11 – Christmas Web of Lies!

Theme: Unreal

Description: I love Christmas so much. The cookies, the gifts, the love. It is all so wonderful. When I was younger however, there was one Christmas that I will remember as the “Christmas of LIES”. It was the worst Christmas ever. It was the Christmas of 2003. My parents had been fighting the entire month and I just wanted Christmas to come quickly. I asked my dad everyday when we could put the lights up and he would always put it towards another day. I loved hanging lights, because the lights brought joy and wonder to the house. (Also we had better lights than my arch nemesis, Kevin, across the street and I would always make sure he knew!) It was finally Christmas Eve and everyone had their lights u except for us! I was so upset. All I wanted was Christmas joy. That apparently was too much for me however. This picture reminds me of what my house should have looked like back then. It should have been of web of light that could be seen from outer-space, yet gentle enough to be close to. All the colors are working in harmony to compliment each other and bring out the best that each color has to offer. The green is especially my favorite, because it brings the most Christmas joy, true scientific fact. I love how you can even see the detail of rain on the brick walkway. It is illuminating from the wondrous Christmas lights. It is perfect. This is what my Christmas should have been. Since it never happened, this is truly unreal. How depressing, I know.

Photo Observation Devin Gee

2) I took this photo while on a cruise in Alaska.

3) Theme: Sad or reflective

4) I think this picture reflects a sad feeling.  I get from this picture that this person is reflecting on life, just thinking.  The sad quality seems to come from the bluish light that takes over the picture.  This picture seems so fake to me or set up.  The white light in the sky in contrast with the blue also contributes to the kind of inquisitive feel of the picture.  The light in this picture also kind of mutes everything including color and that also contributes to the sad or somber feel.  The lighting in this picture just represented sad to me.


Beja Photo Observation

What, Where: One of my friends old photo projects, friend against bed

Theme: Sad

Description: In this picture, the model is contemplating with a blank expression. For me what makes his mood is the lighting only covering one face with a one dimensional color off white. This gives the depressing feeling from the sunlight, witch is usually a positive with vibrant happiness.

Copyright All rights reserved by Corie K

Photo Observation

From “The Bet Pictures of the Noughties,” on

3) THEME: Sad

4) DESCRIPTION: The lighting in this scene is very dismal. It is a pretty solid wash that illuminates most of the people in the picture equally, which only adds to the uniformity emphasized by their clothing. The picture looks like a dark mass of grey with human faces periodically poking out. In the center, the brightest point in the image is gunfire. While usually the bright spark in the dark represents some kind of hope, in this image it is the light created by a bullet being fired. The fire coming from the gun reflects the anger with which the bullet is flying forward.

Sad Photo


2) Google images, sadness

3) Sad Pic 🙁

4) This picture is quite sad. The light is washed out and pale, the water is disturbed by the droplets blurring the reflections and the light. The prominent black umbrella with the lonely girl create a strong dark center focus in contrast to the pale light around it. The light shifts from darker to lighter as you look from left to right. The water on the left of the girl is dark, and light on the right. The dichotomy of light creates a natural “broken” and sad feeling. And the girl is obviously upset that her clothes are wet and muddy.

Photo Observation 7


3.) Sad

4.) I love how starved the color is in this pic, the overall gray tones create such a sad atmosphere to the already sad location of a grave. The modeling of the light on the roses and the gray tone is so cold and sad, so I think this pic really fits the theme.

Photo Observation (Devin)

2) I took this picture in Alaska.

3) Theme: SAD

4) The lighting in this photo feels sad to me.  The grayish tones reflect sadness to me.  The fact that there is no light source is interesting and it creates a muted palette.  There are many different shades of gray and blues and whites and blacks in this picture and that color scheme in terms of lighting seems to generally feel sad to me.  Gray lighting tends to portray sadness for me but something interesting I found about this picture is that I realized some shades of blue and white lighting also portray the same feeling for me.  Also the lighting in this photo is dark and I think that that is a crucial part to the feeling of sadness.  That being said I believe that there has to be a balance between dark and light in order to really create the optimal lighting environment for sadness.