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Neon Sign

  1. March 1st, 2017, 11:54 AM, Logan Airport, Boston MA, Gate B34
  2. There is a large neon sign hanging on the wall, with two capital A’s in dark red and a bright blue eagle in between them. The very tip of the eagle wing is almost flashing. It’s not turning completely off but sort of pulsing.
  3. I find neon signs very abrasive and blinding, but I’ve always been interested in the chemistry behind them. These bright, annoying fixtures are produced using hydrogen, mercury, helium, carbon dioxide, or rarefied neon. I can imagine exiting a plane and walking into the gate to see this monstrosity. It was probably 10 feet tall and 8 across. American Airlines is a little over the top. Neon signs are made to capture attention, and I glanced up at it for the better part of an hour. The little twitching part of the wing made me feel on edge, as flickering lights tend to do.


  1. I took this while waiting for the shuttle
  2. Shadow
  3. I have always felt at home in the forest on a sunny day, when the light passes through the leaves and branches casting shadows on the ground. It looks as though my shadow is tangled in the arms of this bare tree. I can imagine that the sunlight on the concrete is the sky that the branches reach towards.

Light Observation

  1. 2/22/17 around 11:00 pm, looking out my dorm window
  2. There are many police cars and two ambulances on the Hempstead turnpike in front of Lawrence Street. Bright red and blue lights are flashing.
  3. There is a certain fear associated with seeing the lights of a police cruiser, whether it is driving up behind you or zooming past. Seeing them all condensed into one area tending to a car accident was a different fear. As an outsider, I was looking onto the situation I knew nothing about, but it was obviously bad. I was able to walk back to my desk and get back to working on homework, but the people involved in that could not simply forget about it.

Mystery Mist

  1. I took this photo from my dorm window at 8 AM 2/23/17
  2. Mysterious
  3. It is a very dreary morning. The approaching warm weather has caused an eery mist to hang over Oak Street. The sun is not able to shine through the clouds. Mist always reminds me of the 2007 film The Mist┬ábased on the Stephen King novella. It’s not hard to imagine what kind of monsters could be lurking in a heavy fog. The real mystery is why I woke up on my own accord two hours early.

Lighting Moment 3

  1. 2/16/17 7:30 pm outside of Netherlands South
  2. I walked on the outside of the fence toward Lawrence street. It was dark outside and there is a lamp inside of the fence that points at the unispan, highlighting the “Hofstra University” name. As I walked, the light appeared to be strobing, but it was just the bars of the fence passing in front of it.
  3. Every time I walk by this light at night I think it’s strobing and it’s really annoying and hard to look at. It feels very energetic at first glance, but I soon realize that it is just a plain white lamp in the ground.

Photo Observation 3

  1. This was taken by German photographer Lucas Zimmermann in 2014 as part of a project on traffic lights.
  2. Nightlife
  3. The long exposure of the colorful traffic lights lights up the night. I can imagine myself driving late at night after a rain storm and seeing the lights glow. It represents to me a feeling of freedom and adventure, which is what the nightlife is.


  1. I took this February 9th, 12:40 PM, on the Hempstead turnpike.
  2. cold
  3. This photo of the Netherlands unispan completely lacks color. It is very dark and bleak. I was walking along the road and felt chilled to the bone. Seeing the empty roads and grey world caused me to imagine that this was the true snowpocalypse.

Lighting Observation 2

  1. February 9th, 2017, Stuyvesant hall, my dorm
  2. the light from the sunset is shining into my dorm and making a rectangle shape on our closets. The light is very orange and warm. My rainbow Star of David sun catcher is glowing.
  3. The storm has settled just in time for the sun to set. The sky above it is blue and pink, and surrounding the sun are bright orange streaks. After a day of chilling weather, it makes me feel so warm. I can’t avoid smiling when I look out of the window.

Beach Sunset

  1. I took this photo on January 4th, 2017 at 4:14 pm on Plum Island in Massachusetts.
  2. Sunrise/Sunset
  3. My friend who had recently moved to Indiana came to visit for a few days and she wanted to go to the beach after having been landlocked for so many months. The sunset was very peaceful and light. I had seen better, but this one felt very special and comforting. Light pink clouds took up half the sky and reflected on the surface of the cold water. It was freezing on the beach, but it is the only place we wanted to be.

Lighting Observation #1

  1. 2/1/17 5:40 pm, in front of the New Academic Building
  2. The sun has almost set and the sky is a brilliant blue. The street lamps have turned on and their orange glow shines on the bare trees in front of the NAB, creating branching shadows. The dull orange illuminates what is the outer section of the black box.
  3. I was taking fabric from the playhouse to the dumpster and i found myself attracted to the light glowing on the NAB. Every time I returned outside to the dumpster, the lighting became less subtle as the street lamps grew brighter in the dark. I felt very warm and excited to have witnessed the complementary colors occur next to each other.