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Photo Observation


  2. Spooky
  3. I found this online and this picture fit the theme because to me dolls are spooky and the fact that she is crying is scary. She looks lonely on a chair and the light is coming from one direction from the middle left and it is the only light source. What makes the light source eerie is that it is a spot light only on the doll and then it fades into darkness. Also the shadow produced by the chair is creepy when you observe it because if we couldn’t see the doll you wouldn’t be able to tell what was on the chair or if the shadow was even a chair.

Photo Observation 6: Shadow is part of a symbiotic relationship


This photo is from a Huffington Post review of the 2015 Chichester Festival Theatre’s Guys and Dolls.

The theme is shadow; this photo from the number “Love Be a Lady” fits the shadow theme since shadows are used to emphasis the dark setting of this number: the sewer at night. This film uses shadow to create a pattern over the scene likely by way of a gobo.

Shadow strikes across the world in this photo. The darkness and shadows clash and are visible by the bright central white light. The light causes shadow and light patterned like the light went through prison bars or some similar bar structure in order to fall where and how it does in this photo. The lighting would fit Chicago’s cell block tango in certain parts, like when the innocent one speaks, since it has this dark feeling of imprisonment. The light has a mystery to it with its shadows and contrasting brightness. This mystery invites feelings of loneliness and thoughts of reflection since only shadows keep you company and the bright light is like that of a mirror reflecting a white wall in a lavatory. Shadow is a contrast and this photo contains that contrast though maybe not as starkly as a bright sun’s light causing shadows. The lighting here still has that stealthy and mysterious tone of shadow and the battle and yet symbiotic relationship between light and dark.

Photo Observation #8



3) Theme: Dealer’s Choice: Scary

4) When I saw this picture, I immediately thought of my dealer’s choice theme….scary. This picture when I first looked at it, gave me the creeps. The light displays many features in this picture. You can see the different lines of shadow, the big tree and the bench. It reminds me of a rainy night on a field where there is no one around. This location would be perfect if you were using it to film a scary movie. I really like this picture because it immediately expressed to me the feeling of being scared and panicked. I also like the rays of light showing in the air from the huge glaring light in the background.

Lighting Observation 1 Devin Gee

1)   4/12/11- 10 pm- Dorm Room

2)   Lightning flashes through the blinds in my dark room.  The bright flashes of light were from the lightning storm outside.

3)   This lighting moment brought me into a horror film.  The room was dark and I was about to go to sleep and then there was a sudden bright flash of light that came through the window, through the blinds and light up the whole room for a split second.  It reminded me of horror movies where they have a very dark lit scene and then in order to reveal something they use the bright flash of lightning to reveal that person, object etc.  It especially reminded me of the movie disturbia where the scene is very dark and then with a simple flash of light from a lightning storm it revealed the murderer in the window and it was a very scary moment and startling.  I think this technique could be great in theatre and really create the element of surprise as well as keep people on edge because it definitely kept me frightened.


Light Observation 1 (Week 4)

1)   2/21/11- 1:30 am- My Dorm Room at night.

2)   The light from a laptop shining on my roommates face at night and changing intensities.

3)   This lighting moment seemed like a given, considering I witness it every night but for some reason I never realized the interesting nature of this kind of light until now.  The light from the laptop shines on my roommates face just like when you sit around a campfire late at night and all you can see is the other people’s faces glowing in the blackness.  In this moment the light is white and it changed intensities constantly depending on what is on the screen.  It is a spooky kind of light nonetheless just like the campfire light.  The fact that it only glows on his face and nothing else is also a factor in the mysterious aspect of this light.  The changing intensities, similar to a strobe light at some points also creates a scary feeling because there are split seconds where everything goes dark and you never know what will light up next. (A sudden change of expression from happy to crazy)  This light is also very dynamic and creates really deep shadows.  These shadows in conjunction with everything else also contribute to the overall frightening sensation of this light.  It is amazing where you find some of the most fascinating light.