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Photo Observation 7 Scary

There are two reasons this image is scary. The first is that the color of the image is unnatural. People do not normally see this color in nature, it would be seen in a fire normally. Another reason this image is scary is because we can not see everything clearly. We get scared when we cant see all the information around us, the fear of the unknown.


Photo Observation #7

2) I took the photo last weekend on campus

3) THEME: Scary

4) DESCRIPTION: Because of how the light only shines on half of their faces creates a mysterious and horror like feeling. The majority of the photo is dark and creepy appearing. This feeling comes across because of the absence of light. Also, the warm amber, almost leaning on the red side of the color, creates this creepy feeling as well. It seems like the light is almost “coming for them.” Overall, the photo is very creepy from the way the light hits the girls’ faces and the lighting behind them about to take them away.

Photo Observation #7

Source:  Jen Markert, for

Theme: Scary

Description: While simple, by just adding a soft white light to just the side of this man’s face, he’s suddenly very threatening. The shadows on his right completely cover his face as he looks directly forward, adding a sense of serious danger.

Photo Observation #7

2. Website:

Photo by: Riko Shae

3. This photo shows the beginning and end of many scary movies. There is a chilling feeling tied to driving on a dark road surrounded by trees. The lighting from the car, the only source of helpful light outside of the moon, is also creating creepy shades and low lighting that adds to the scary mood captured in this photo.



Photo Observation 7


Lauren Pisano

3) scary

4) This photo of the shadow of a person with trees illustrates “scary” and fear because of the mystery of the shadow.  The black and white nature of the photo further adds to the mystery and suspense because the observer can’t see and doesn’t know what’s about to happen.

Photo Observation #7

2. Found on Pinterest

3. Theme: Scary

4. The way that this photo is taken is with a filter on it of film which causes the streaks down it. Adding this kind of ancient feel which is slightly scary. But this effect is doubled with the use of fog and a very hazy/ low white light. The way it diffuses through the fog really causes fear in what the unknown is behind that haze. If it was very bright it would have more a playful feel of fog everywhere, but with the low light of nighttime it becomes more scary.

Photo Observation #7 – Scary

  1. Found on
  2. Theme: Scary (plus Lighting Key)
  3. The image is that of a “creepy girl.” Children behaving in supernatural manners is nothing new to modern media, particularly in mainstream horror movies. Simply staring without blinking can put someone off when watching such a film. The photo is devoid of color, with the only light source revealing an unnaturally calm child. Also, the sclera appear to be black, giving off the feeling that something is watching through a vessel.

Photo Observation #7

Location: Movie Techniques

Theme: Scary

A man is standing above a light. The way that the light only hits certain features of his face creates a scary mood. It’s also the combination of the rest of his face that isn’t lit up to be in the black darkness that leaves you with an uneasy feeling. The complete darkness of his eyeballs makes him feel extremely distant and not relatable. I found this interesting because if the lights were all on, he would look like a normal man. But the way the angle projects the light from under this man’s face almost transforms him into a non human form. He looks as if he is wearing the Jason mask, but what’s interesting is that he isn’t wearing a mask at all.

Photo Observation


  2. Spooky
  3. I found this online and this picture fit the theme because to me dolls are spooky and the fact that she is crying is scary. She looks lonely on a chair and the light is coming from one direction from the middle left and it is the only light source. What makes the light source eerie is that it is a spot light only on the doll and then it fades into darkness. Also the shadow produced by the chair is creepy when you observe it because if we couldn’t see the doll you wouldn’t be able to tell what was on the chair or if the shadow was even a chair.

Photo Observation 6: Shadow is part of a symbiotic relationship


This photo is from a Huffington Post review of the 2015 Chichester Festival Theatre’s Guys and Dolls.

The theme is shadow; this photo from the number “Love Be a Lady” fits the shadow theme since shadows are used to emphasis the dark setting of this number: the sewer at night. This film uses shadow to create a pattern over the scene likely by way of a gobo.

Shadow strikes across the world in this photo. The darkness and shadows clash and are visible by the bright central white light. The light causes shadow and light patterned like the light went through prison bars or some similar bar structure in order to fall where and how it does in this photo. The lighting would fit Chicago’s cell block tango in certain parts, like when the innocent one speaks, since it has this dark feeling of imprisonment. The light has a mystery to it with its shadows and contrasting brightness. This mystery invites feelings of loneliness and thoughts of reflection since only shadows keep you company and the bright light is like that of a mirror reflecting a white wall in a lavatory. Shadow is a contrast and this photo contains that contrast though maybe not as starkly as a bright sun’s light causing shadows. The lighting here still has that stealthy and mysterious tone of shadow and the battle and yet symbiotic relationship between light and dark.